Will 265/75R16 Fit Stock Tacoma

For Tacoma owners looking to increase their truck’s off-road capability without raising it, 265/75R16 tires are a popular option.

These tires provide more sidewall and ground clearance than the factory tires because they are more extensive.

However, some models can rub against the fenders, so it’s critical to evaluate the clearance before mounting them.

265/75R16 tires can enhance the ride comfort and quality of the truck.

In this article, I have discussed whether the 265/75r16 tire fits the stock Toyota Tacoma.

Will 265/75r16 Fit Stock Tacoma

Yes, 265/75r16 tires will fit stock Toyota Tacoma. But you must consider 3 factors before installing 265/75r16 tires on your Tacoma. Causes these 3 factors to determine whether 265/75r16 will fit your stock Tacoma tires or not. These factors are:

  1. The rim size must be 7 inches or greater.
  2. The load rating must be at least 100.
  3. The maximum diameter is 33.1 inches.

If these 3 factors are not met, then you may need to trim the mud flaps to stop rubbing.

You may also need to cut the front bumper if the tires are close together.

Tacoma 265/75r16 MPG

The Toyota Tacoma 265/75r16 tires are an excellent choice if you are looking to enhance your truck’s look and capability for rough terrain.

But the fuel efficiency declines somewhat with tire size.

According to the EPA, the 2022 stock Toyota Tacoma has an average fuel economy of 20/23 mpg city/interstate.

On the other hand, using 265/75r16 tires may drop fuel efficiency to an average of 19/22 mpg city/highway.

Larger tires can decrease fuel efficiency. The 265/75R16 tires are 1.6 inches bigger than the original tires, so the truck must work harder to turn them, using more fuel.

Other things, including how you drive, the terrain you’re driving on, and how much weight you carry, also affect fuel efficiency.

Considering all of these factors is essential before switching to larger tires.

Tacoma 265/75r16 Tire Pressure

Tacoma 265/75r16 Tire Pressure

For a Toyota Tacoma with 265/75r16 tires, the suggested tire pressure is 29–30 psi for the front and 29–33 psi for the rear tires.

This pressure will offer the optimum balancing act between transportation, comfort, and fuel efficiency.

You need to raise tire pressure if you drive in scorching temperatures or carry heavy loads.

The owner’s manual for your model Tacoma will list the required tire pressure.

Keep in Mind:

  • Inspect and correct the tire pressure if the tires are cold.
  • Frequently check your tire pressure, as it can drop by as much as 1 psi daily.
  • Overblown tires can cause an accident and unsafe steering.

Wheel Size for 265/75r16

265/75R16 tires fit wheels with a 16-inch diameter. The tire size has a rim width range of 7 to 8 inches.

The ideal wheel width is 7.5 inches, but 7 or 8 inches will also work.

Avoid using wheels smaller than 7 inches since they will cause the tire to protrude and perhaps cause tire damage.

Use wheels no wider than 8 inches to prevent the tire from stretching and possibly lowering performance.

You should know:

  • A 265/75R16 tire has an overall diameter of 31.6 inches.
  • A 265/75R16 tire has a section width of 10.4 inches.
  • The tire has a load index of 103, which implies that at its highest inflated pressure of 80 psi, it can support a load of up to 2,240 pounds.

Tacoma 265/75r16 No Lift

The widest tires on a regular Toyota Tacoma without a lift are 265/75r16.

Increasing the overall dimensions and diameter of the tires can enhance off-road capability while giving the truck a more rugged appearance.

It is crucial to remember that when turning with full lock, these tires could rub against the fenders or chassis parts.

Set up a lift kit or remove the mud flaps to stop rubbing.

What to Consider When Installing No Lift 265/75r16 Tires on a Tacoma

Before installing no lift 265/5r16 tires on Tacoma, you must consider these 4 factors.

  1. The new tires will make the truck about an inch taller overall. It may impact ground clearance and departure angles.
  2. The truck’s weight will increase in addition to the new tires. It may affect handling and fuel economy.
  3. Purchasing tires with a good load rating is crucial to ensure the tires can support the truck’s weight.
  4. Also, have an alignment after mounting them to ensure the new tires wear evenly.

Tacoma 265/75r16 vs 265/70r16

Do you know the difference between 265/75R16 and 265/70R16 tires on Tacoma?

I have made this chart to let you know the difference.





31.8 inches 30.7 inches
Sidewall height 10.8 inches

10.5 inches


33 pounds 32 pounds
Speedometer 3.3% slower

2.6% slower


May rub on some models

No rubbing

These are the main differences between 265/75R16 and 265/70R16 tires on Tacoma.

The best way to determine which tire size is right for you is to test drive both sizes and see which one you prefer.

Tacoma 265/75r16 Rubbing

Tacoma 265/75r16 Rubbing

For Toyota Tacoma owners looking to increase their trucks’ off-road capability, the 265/75r16 tire size is an appealing selection.

Yet, if the truck is not elevated or adjusted, the tires may rub against the fenders or other chassis components.

3 Causes of Rubbing with 265/75r16 Tires on a Tacoma:

  1. Tacoma’s stock suspension provides minimal tire-to-fender clearance.
  2. Although using narrower tires than 265/75R16 can reduce friction, doing so will compromise off-road performance.
  3. Wheels that stick out from the truck, like those with a -12mm offset, can rub against the fenders. The wheels can touch the fenders and extend from the truck.

Solutions to Rubbing with 265/75r16 Tires on a Tacoma Are:

  1. Increased space between the tires and the fenders will result from elevating the truck, which may assist in minimizing rubbing.
  2. Trimming the fenders or adding fender arches may also assist in increasing clearance.
  3. Metal rings, known as spacers, are positioned between the wheels and the hub. To reduce rubbing, it may assist in pushing the wheels outboard.

Tacoma 265/75r16 Stock Suspension

Tacoma owners frequently choose 265/75R16 tires to improve off-road capabilities without lifting their trucks.

The tires have more width and ground clearance than the original equipment tires.

265/75R16 tires will fit the Tacoma with standard suspension without requiring adjustments.

Before fitting the tires, you should measure the distance between the fenders and the tires.

265/75R16 tires can enhance Tacoma’s off-road capability and comfort.

The larger tires can aid with shock absorption and enhance traction on slick or rainy surfaces.

If you’re considering changing the tires on your Tacoma, 265/75R16 tires are a smart choice because they can enhance the truck’s performance and ride quality without requiring a lift.

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