Why is My Tire Pressure Light Blinking

The tire pressure monitoring system always monitors the tire pressure of all the tires, including spare tires.

Solid and blinking tire pressure warning lights indicate different meanings.

When the tire pressure warning light is on, it means there is an issue with tire pressure.

Blinking a tire pressure warning light means the pressure is losing rapidly. A damaged or malfunctioning sensor, a missing or wrong sensor is installed, weather issues usually cause pressure issues, etc.

I have discussed what a blinking tire pressure light means, why it happens, and how to solve the issue.

What Does Blinking Tire Pressure Light Mean in Toyota

Blinking tire pressure in a Toyota means a major issue with the tire pressure system.

On the other hand, a steady tire pressure light means nonoptimistic pressure in all tires.

Toyota vehicles use TPM sensors to monitor tire pressure on all tires.

TPM sensor reads the tire pressure and sends the data to the ECM for comparison.

If the ECM senses nonoptimistic pressures in all tires, it turns on the tire pressure warning light.

But the sensor may become faulty or missing, a leak can cause rapid pressure loss, cold weather can cause lower tire pressure, etc.

For those reasons, the tire pressure warning light on the dashboard blinks over time.

6 Reasons for Tire Pressure Light Blinking

Reasons for Tire Pressure Light Blinking

Tire pressure warning lights can blink because of rapid pressure loss, bad sensors, missing sensors, wrong sensors, weather issues, electronic connection issues, etc.

1. Rapid pressure loss: Tire can lose pressure rapidly because of a sudden leak. Driving on off-road terrain, a bad pressure valve on the tire, and foreign objects leaking the tire cause sudden leaks. When the sensor feels that way, the tire pressure warning light blinks.

2. Sensor malfunction: Malfunction of the sensor can cause faulty readings. Sensors can wear out over time as they stay inside the tire. The environment consists of high pressure and temperature, where the sensor functions. As a result, a faulty reading causes the ECM to turn on the blinking tire pressure warning light.

3. Sensor missing: Some tires have a pressure monitoring sensor in the tire valve. They can become loose and go missing in harsh situations. When the ECM senses that the TPM sensor is missing, it blinks the tire pressure light.

4. Wrong installed sensor: Installing the wrong sensor causes the tire pressure monitoring system to fail. These sensors can get mixed up while being installed and cause the blinking tire pressure light.

5. Electronic connection issue: Electronic connection issues in the ECM cause the computer to malfunction. So, the warning light may blink for connection issues.

6. Weather and temperature: Change in weather or temperature causes the air to shrink or expand. Mainly the tire air shrinks for cold weather and lower temperatures. It causes the tire warning light to turn on. If the pressure loss crosses the limit, the warning light starts blinking.

How to Fix Blinking Tire Pressure Light

How to Fix Blinking Tire Pressure Light

You need to monitor the tire pressures and optimize them to solve the blinking tire issue.

You can easily check the tire pressure of all the tires on the vehicle computer.

If the problem is with a single tire and the pressure is low, you need to inflate it.

You should deflate the tire if the pressure is higher.

These pressure issues happen mainly after an air refill, causing nonoptimized tire pressure.

Sometimes, you will need to inspect the sensor to see if it’s malfunctioning or missing. Always check and select the correct sensor for your tire before installation.

Users should contact a nearby automobile repair shop for assistance.

Sometimes, the sensors provide faulty readings and need to be reset. Resetting the TPMS sensor and driving for about 20 minutes will solve the blinking tire pressure warning light issue.


Can I drive with a blinking tire pressure light?

You should not drive with a blinking tire pressure warning light. Blinking light indicates a serious issue with tire pressure, and you should take your car to a nearby mechanic shop. Driving with bad pressure on tires will cause accidents.

Why is my tire pressure light blinking when my tires are fine?

The blinking of tire pressure warning lights does not only happen because of bad pressure. Missing sensors, faulty sensors, wrong sensors, and electrical connection issues may also cause the blinking light. Diagnose the sensor if you face the issue.

Why is my tire pressure light blinking after filling tires?

After filling or refilling tires, the tire pressure may not be equal on all tires. You can monitor the tire pressure on your car’s instrument cluster. Inflate or deflate the refilled tires to optimize the tire pressure. It should solve the blinking tire pressure light issue.

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