Tundra Camshaft Tower Leak Meaning, Cause and Solution

‘Cam tower leak’ is a general issue in Toyota Tundras equipped with 5.7L V8 engines. You may face a leak in the camshaft tower between 50,000 and 100,000 miles.

Improper sealing, loose bolts, fuel pressure, cracks in the tower, or wear and tear over time are the common reasons for oil seeping from the cam tower.

Visible oil seepage, burning smell, smoke, etc., are the main symptoms of a cam tower leak in a Tundra. 21 known Tundra owners with camshaft tower oil leakage issues have filed a class action lawsuit against Toyota.

An unknown number of Tundras may have the same issue, and Toyota is prepared for it. They have already compensated for the repairs to the alleged Tundra engines and delivered 1600 Tundra vehicles to customers during the repair. The warranty for Toyota Tundra 5.7 engines is 5 years, or 60k miles.

In this article, I’ve covered what a cam tower leak is, which Toyota Tundra model years it affected, its causes and symptoms, how to fix a camshaft leak, and the recall and warranty for the vehicle.

What is a Cam Tower Leak Tundra

The camshaft is a part of the engine responsible for the cylinder valves opening and closing. The camshaft tower synchronizes valve opening and closing in all cylinders.

It is between the cylinder head, valve cover, and the tundra cam tower leak location. When the oil pressure becomes high, the seal is loose, or it wears over time, oil can seep from the cam tower.

Leaking a small amount of oil is not worrying, but more oil seeping may be a concern. So, looking out for symptoms and fixing the issue before it gets out of hand is necessary.

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Tundra Cam Tower Leak Years Affected

The following Tundra vehicles use Tundra 5.7 engines:

  • Toyota Tundra TRD Pro
  • Tundra Limited
  • Tundra SR5
  • Tundra Platinum
  • Tundra 1794 Edition

From 2014 to 2021 model years, these Tundra vehicles will likely have camshaft tower leak issues. Other model years may have the same problem after 60,000 miles or later because it is a Toyota manufacturing defect.

Causes and Symptoms of Tundra Camshaft Tower Leak

The causes of the oil leak from the camshaft tower are:

1. Improper seal: Sealing is important for components to avoid leaking. Improper seals or wear in the seal may cause oil leaks.

2. Loose bolts: Bolts hold the head cylinder gasket and cam tower together. Loose bolts may cause the seal to become loose and leak oil.

3. Oil pressure: Higher oil pressure in the engine may cause a small amount of oil to seep. It is not a noticeable issue for a low amount of oil leaking.

4. Crack: Crack on the camshaft also causes oil to leak out. Cracks may widen with higher pressure and wear over time. It causes higher oil seepage.

3 Symptoms of a camshaft tower leak in Tundra:

  • Leaked-out oil will be visible from the camshaft area of the engine
  • You will get a burning oil smell from the engine
  • You may also experience smoke from the engine compartment

Toyota Tundra Cam Tower Leak Fix

Tundra cam tower leak reseal is the most effective process, but it doesn’t guarantee avoiding another leak in the future. This process requires the disassembly of the head gasket, timing chain, and cam tower assembly. It is a risky, costly, and time-consuming job. It is better to ask professionals for help. Tundra cam tower leak repair costs around $4000 to $6000 if you repair it at the dealership.

Some users reported that the bolts are loose from the camshaft tower, and it also causes an oil leak. You should inspect the head gasket and cam tower bolts and tighten them if necessary. It will save you a lot of money and solve major camshaft issues.

Toyota Tundra Cam Tower Leak Recall

Although there are many complaints and a few class action lawsuits against Toyota for a cam tower leak, there has been no recall. The number of users with Tundra cam tower leaks is a small percentage, which may also be a reason for that.

Most users tend to repair the issue on their own and don’t complain about it. Tundra is a reliable vehicle, and there are only a few issues with that,

Also, Toyota has compensated some users for the repair costs and is still repairing other Tundras under warranty. But it’d be good for users if they issue a recall in the future.

Tundra Cam Tower Leak Warranty

Toyota provides 5 years or 60,000 miles of engine warranty for Tundra trucks. If you face any cam tower leak issue within the warranty period, Toyota will fix the issue and provide you with a free ride for the repair period.

It will save you up to $6000 in repair costs. So, look out for any leak from the cam tower if you have a Tundra 5.7 equipped in your vehicle.


Did Toyota fix the cam tower leak?

‘Cam tower leak’ is a manufacturing issue with Tundra 5.7 engines. Unknown numbers of vehicles are affected by the problem. Toyota is trying to solve the issue by providing free and compensating repair costs. The issue is not fully resolved yet.

What causes cam seals to leak?

Improper sealing, loose bolts, head gasket defects, oil pan drain plug defects, cracks, or wear may cause the camshaft to leak. It occurs mainly after 60,000 miles. But if you face an issue with lower mileage, contact the nearby dealership as soon as possible.

What year Tundra has cam tower leak?

Tundra trucks from 2014 to 2021 have the cam tower leak issue. Cam tower leaks are common for Tundra 5.7 engines; every vehicle equipped may face the issue.

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