8 Toyota Tacoma Years You Should Avoid Buying in 2024

Toyota Tacoma is a popular truck in the USA because of its reputation for durability and reliability.

The truck has served millions of people since 1995.

Although it has a huge reputation, not all Toyota Tacoma model years are equal.

Some model years have several problems.

If you are considering purchasing a used or new Tacoma, you should know which model years to avoid and which to choose.

Therefore, I have discussed the worst and best model years of the Toyota Tacoma in this article.

There are 8 Toyota Tacoma model years that you should avoid buying unless you want to face hassles.

These 8 model years are considered the worst model years of Toyota Tacoma.

  • Tacoma 2006
  • Tacoma 2008
  • Tacoma 2007
  • Tacoma 2009
  • Tacoma 2011
  • Tacoma 2012
  • Tacoma 2016
  • Tacoma 2017

Tacoma had a number of issues from the 2006 model year to 2011.

Then again, the 2016 and 2017 model years received numerous complaints.

Though the complaints are few, they are major.

If you’re wondering why you should avoid the specific model years mentioned above, here’s why:

2006-2009 Toyota Tacoma

2006-2009 Toyota Tacoma Problems

2006-2008 Toyota Tacomas have many problems.

These models have engine and transmission issues.

They also have low-quality body paint issues.

Toyota recalls the 2006–2009 model years because of lower ball joint issues.

Other reported problems with these model years are:

2009 Toyota Tacoma shares almost the same problems, including check engine light and engine starting issues.

2011-2012 Toyota Tacoma

2011-2012 Toyota Tacoma Problems

Tacomas from 2011–2012 model years are well known for various issues, including:

  • Transmission issues
  • Fuel pump issues
  • AC problems
  • Noisy suspension
  • Check engine light
  • Rough idle

Paint peeling and chipping are also common in these model years.

The most reported problem with the 2011–2012 Tacoma is the check engine light and engine performance issues.

Some users also report brake system problems, including brake fluid leaks and brake pad wear.

2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma

2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Problems

2016 Toyota Tacoma is the most problematic model year in Toyota’s history.

Several issues make it the worst model year.

Here are some common problems with the 2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma:

  • Transmission issues
  • Engine issues
  • Paint peeling and chipping
  • Problems with the drivetrain
  • Electrical issues

2017 Tacoma model year shares many of the same issues as the 2016 model year.

Users have to spend around $3000 to fix peeling paint.

Transmission and engine issues are also expensive to repair.

Generally, fixing 2016–2017 model year problems costs between $2,000 and $8,000.

As a result, these model years are considered to be the worst.

Toyota Tacoma Problems Count by Year

Earlier model years of the Toyota Tacoma have received many complaints.

Thankfully, the newer models are doing well, and there aren’t many complaints as in the earlier model years.

According to carcomplaint.com, the Toyota Tacoma gets the following number of complaints per model year:

Model Years Number of Reported Problems
Tacoma 2023
Tacoma 2022 03
Tacoma 2021 01
Tacoma 2020 13
Tacoma 2019 27
Tacoma 2018 22
Tacoma 2017 90
Tacoma 2016 159
Tacoma 2015 45
Tacoma 2014 27
Tacoma 2013 47
Tacoma 2012 69
Tacoma 2011 61
Tacoma 2010 43
Tacoma 2009 122
Tacoma 2008 62
Tacoma 2007 83
Tacoma 2006 72
Tacoma 2005 46
Tacoma 2004 22
Tacoma 2003 14
Tacoma 2002 19
Tacoma 2001 14
Tacoma 2000 6

You can see in the table that the 2009 and 2016 Tacoma model years are the most problematic and costly to repair.

The consumer reports help to understand which model years are less problematic and worth choosing.

What Are the Best Tacoma Years to Buy?

Here is a list of the best Toyota Tacoma years to buy:

  • 2005 Tacoma
  • 2013 Tacoma
  • 2014 Tacoma
  • 2015 Tacoma
  • 2018 Tacoma
  • 2019 Tacoma
  • 2020 Tacoma
  • 2021 Tacoma
  • 2022 Tacoma
  • 2023 Tacoma

You can consider buying these model years because they are less problematic.


What year Tacoma has the least problems?

The 1995–2004 model years have the least problems among old Toyota Tacoma models.

Toyota Tacoma 2014, 2015, 2018, and newer model years have fewer problems.

So it is best to choose from the newer model years.

What years did Toyota Tacoma have bad frames?

2005-2010 Toyota Tacomas had bad frames.

Toyota Tacoma’s 2005–2010 model years have many complaints about severe rust, corrosion, and rot on their frame.

Rust and corrosion affect the vehicle’s earlier warranties.

Some vehicles cannot pass inspection because of excessive rust that damages the frame.

Is Tacoma the most reliable truck ever?

Toyota Tacoma is one of the most reliable trucks in the USA.

But not all model years are reliable, as some have major problems.

Therefore, avoiding those specific model years is a smart idea.

Tacoma’s maximum model years are reliable and durable.

The trucks are rated 82 out of 100.

Tacoma lasts around 300,000 miles, which is higher than most of its competitors’ lifespans.

Which Tacomas have rust issues?

Tacoma’s first generation, 1995–2000 model years, is known for rust issues.

2005–2010 models were recalled for excessive rust.

There are also rust issues on the 2016 and 2017 Tacomas.

How do I keep my Toyota from rusting?

To keep your Toyota from rusting, follow these 6 tips:

  1. Wash your Toyota regularly.
  2. Apply a coat of wax to Toyota’s paint to keep the vehicle rust-free.
  3. Fix chips and scratches.
  4. Clean the undercarriage.
  5. Try to avoid road salt.
  6. Use plastic or rubber floor mats, etc.

Final Thoughts

Despite some model years, Toyota Tacomas are generally reliable.

Avoid the model years listed above if you want to buy a used Tacoma.

Those model years have transmission, fuel pump, rust, brake, and electrical problems that are expensive to repair.

There are numerous excellent Tacoma model years available for purchase.

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