5 Corolla CVT Transmission Problems

Toyota Corolla CVT transmission is an automatic transmission that seamlessly changes through different gear ratios. CVT or continuously variable transmission keeps the Corolla’s engine in steady and lower rev mode.

It helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions drastically. CVT can also optimize itself to provide great performance when necessary.

It is one of the most powerful parts of different Toyota vehicles to optimize performance and fuel efficiency. However, CVT transmission in a Corolla shows some common problems.

Harsh shifts, transmission slips, excessive noise, excessive vibration, poor power output, and failing transmission are the CVT transmission problems of the Toyota Corolla. I have discussed five common CVT transmission problems in the Toyota Corolla and their solutions.

1. Noise and Vibration

Noise and vibration are common issues for CVT transmission. Low or high levels of transmission fluid mainly cause noise. If the transmission fluid is high, it produces a clunking noise.

Low transmission fluid can produce vibration and friction causing noise. Old and worn-out transmission fluid causes the transmission to not lubricate properly. As a result, the moving parts collide with each other and cause chiming noise and intense vibration.

Solution: You must inspect and fill your transmission fluid regularly. You should change the transmission fluid every 30k–60k miles. To flush out the old oil and refill it with new oil will cost you $250–$300.

2. Rough Shifting

Rough shifting or hard shifting is also a common problem with CVT transmission. It can occur with a transmission that has not been maintained for a long time.

Old transmission fluid and worn-out parts can cause rough shifting. It causes the Corolla not to shift properly. Sometimes, you will face that the gear is not changing or the car is not shifting properly.

Solution: Change the transmission fluid and maintain the transmission properly to solve the issue. Rebuilding the transmission is necessary after not being maintained for a long time which costs around $3000.

Refilling or replacing the transmission fluid costs up to $300.

3. Gear Slipping

CVT transmissions have gear or transmission slipping issues. Corolla vehicles will not change speed or accelerate even if you change gear for gear slipping issues. It may also slip out of gear and change on its own.

It can cause accidents, as it is a major issue. Worned out gears, torque converter faults, old transmission fluid, a faulty solenoid, bad transmission clutch and band can cause gear slipping.

Solution: Diagnose the transmission for gear slipping issues. Changing the transmission fluid can solve most of the slipping issues.

You may need to rebuild and replace worn-out parts to solve the issue. Rebuilding cost of CVT transmission is up to $3000.

4. Poor Power Output

Your Corolla CVT transmission may not change speed or give poor mileage because of transmission issues. Faulty clutch, torque converter failure, poor transmission fluid, worn-out gears, and faulty solenoid packs can cause poor power output.

Solution: Rebuilding the transmission is necessary to solve the power output issue which may cost you up to three thousand dollars.

5. Transmission Failure

CVT transmission in the Corolla is a good automatic transmission. But any transmission can fail if not maintained properly. Transmission failure causes sudden power loss and stalling.

Corolla CVT transmission generally lasts two hundred thousand miles and shows no major problems. Malfunctioned parts and clogged transmission fluid lead the transmission to fail before that time.

Solution: When transmission fails, it needs replacement. CVT transmission replacement cost is very high.

Approximately 3000 to 8000 dollars is the replacement cost for a CVT. Replacement cost is high because transmissions are always costly and CVT is a new technology.

CVT Transmission Best And Worst Years in A Corolla

CVT transmission of the Corolla has some excellent and terrible years. Corolla CVT transmission terrible years are:

  • 2014 Corolla CVT
  • 2015 Corolla CVT
  • 2017 Corolla CVT
  • 2020 Corolla CVT

2014 CVT has the most complaints among these model years and other years have a few issues. CVT transmission’s excellent years in a Corolla are:

  • 2018 Corolla CVT
  • 2019 Corolla CVT
  • 2021 Corolla CVT

Users didn’t complain about the good model years of CVT transmission. You should choose from the excellent years and avoid the problematic years while buying a Corolla with CVT transmission.

Reliability of Toyota Corolla CVT Transmission

Toyota is known for good build quality and CVT transmission is no different. It is an excellent transmission with many advanced features and technologies.

CVT transmission provides smooth and quiet operation, better control, and a special adjustable pulley based system. It is good for silent operation, low vibration, better performance, efficiency, and a long drive-friendly experience.

CVT transmissions can last 200 thousand miles and not show any major issues. As a matter of fact, the Corolla CVT is a safe and reliable transmission.

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Final Words

CVT transmission is an excellent choice for Corolla and other models. It provides long-lasting safe and reliable performance.

However, there are some common issues with the CVT transmission in Corolla. Transmission issues are major and you should know about them.

As a Corolla owner, it will help you to diagnose and solve CVT transmission problems easily. I discussed five common issues and solutions to CVT transmission in the Corolla above.

I hope this article helps you diagnose your Corolla CVT problems and solve them.

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