Camry Sticky Dashboard Recall [2024]

Cars can easily get dirty but sometimes it is not the fault of the driver or passengers.

Toyota Camry’s dashboard can even become sticky without any contribution from passengers.

Many Camry cars are plagued with the problem and some users haven’t got any solutions yet.

There are many disadvantages to having a sticky dashboard.

Toyota issued a recall for some models, including Camry but it didn’t cover all model years.

As a result, many Camry users still suffering from the issue and some users even filed lawsuits.

In this article, I will cover the sticky dashboard issue, its problems, recalls regarding it and its solution.

Causes of Toyota Camry Sticky Dashboard

Sticky dashboard issue is a painful issue for any car user.

Car dashboards can become dirty by spilling water, drinks and food.

But dashboards on Camry get sticky for totally different reasons. Most of the credit goes to the humid weather and heat from the sunlight. Dashboards are covered by fabric or a nice layer which is fixed by adhesive to the surface.

Some dashboards are made from plastics and other materials having lower heat endurance.

Also, the dashboard is situated just under the windshield and given ablack color for reflection resistance.

It is for better handling and safe driving of your vehicles but the black color absorbs more heat.

For that reason, the heat from the sunlight can melt the adhesive layer and sometimes the dashboard itself.

Melting dashboards become sticky and sometimes a few cracks show up.

It is a very disturbing situation and there are a few shortcomings of having a sticky dashboard.

Sticky Dashboard on Toyota Camry

The dashboard is kept black to make it anti-reflective.

Glare on the windshield or reflected light from a dashboard can hamper safe driving.

If the dashboard is sticky it produces a shiny layer on the surface which can reflect lights.

It can also glow with the lights from other vehicle’s headlights at night.

Driving in that type of situation is not safe and that may cause an accident at any time.

Older people having problems with driving may be affected more by the issue.

Toyota Camry Sticky Dashboard Recall

Toyota offered to replace the dashboards of approximately 3.5 million vehicles in 2014.

It may seem like a recall but Toyota named the program as warranty enhancement.

They also limited the warranty for users of sunny states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

There is a huge difference between the enhanced warranty and recall.

Recalls never expire whereas warranties end after a limited time.

Toyota Camrys from 2007–2011 were covered under the replacement program.

Toyota extended the warranty for 10 years and the program was finished in 2017.

During that time Toyota supplied limited materials to the dealers to replace.

Mismanagement and delays with the warranty program made many users wait in line for years.

But it didn’t solve the issue for most of the users and the time limit expired in 2017.

Sixth generation of Camry faced a common issue of sticky dashboard all over the world.

However, only a few users from selected states received the warranty coverage.

Toyota started to compensate for the expenses of the users who already replaced their dashboards.

But the delay, low supply of parts, and long waiting list hampered their customer satisfaction.

It was actually a failed attempt from Toyota and many users are still suffering from sticky dashboard issue.

However, you can fix the sticky dashboard on your Camry by following my described method.

How to Fix Sticky Dash Toyota Camry

Follow these 6 tips to get rid of the sticky dashboard issue:

  • You can use a soapy water solution to spray and use a microfiber cloth to clean it up.
  • Rubbing or isopropyl alcohol can also clean a sticky surface.
  • You can also use sticky dash fix spray and microfiber cloths to clean the dashboard.
  • Use pudding or quick-fix glue to fill the cracks on the dashboard surface.
  • Painting the dashboard with spray paint or black matte paint after cleaning is a good way to stop the dashboard from becoming sticky again.
  • Dashboard mat can also be a temporary solution that can block the sunlight. However, it is not a great solution as it looks weird and can drastically reduce the resale value.

One of the best solutions will be to replace the dashboard which costs around $1000 to $1500.

But it is a costly solution and you should stick with the previous solutions for lower costs.

Closing Remarks

Sticky dashboard is a dangerous and painful problem for Camry users.

Many users are facing the issue and Toyota isn’t providing any solution now.

There are no recalls and the manufacturer issued an extended enhanced warranty which ended in 2017.

Driving with a sticky dashboard can lead to accidents due to unwanted glare and reflection on it.

Follow the solutions given before to fix the sticky dashboard on your Camry.

Check well before purchasing a sixth-generation Camry as it can have sticky dashboard issues.

I hope my tips will help you to solve the sticky dashboard issue.

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