5 Camry Panoramic Sunroof Problems

Panoramic sunroof is a good feature for any vehicle including the Toyota Camry. Sunroof lets the sunlight in and refreshes the passenger’s mind.

Moreover, it is more effective in air conditioning compared to car windows regarding noise and earache. But the advantages of a sunroof come with some disadvantages in a Camry.

Very hot weather can make the interior warmer and cold water can cause moisture to drip from the sunroof.

Sunroof adds additional weight causing lower mileage. It is a mechanical part and can malfunction for many reasons.

Camry sunroofs have some common issues that you should know about before buying. Panoramic sunroof of a Toyota Camry can break, jam, stick open, leak, or make rattling noise, etc.

1. Sunroof Breaking

It is a common problem with many Camry model years. Many Camry users complained that they were driving between 40–60 mph and suddenly their sunroof broke down or exploded.

Hopefully, no one was injured but the reason for the occurrence is unknown. Nothing was hitting the sunroof or falling on them.

Users blamed the manufacturing materials for the issue. It became a popular issue but Toyota never released any TSB related to that.

2. Track Jamming

Sunroof relies on a mechanical sliding track for operation. Corrosion and debris can jam the track and cause issues.

Jamming is not that much reported by the user but any Toyota Camry can have a jammed sunroof.

Weak motor, dusty sliding tracks etc. are the reasons for track jamming. Sometimes, the safety protocol stops the sunroof from closing.

It is a sensor that prevents the fingers from getting pressed. Sensor issues may cause the sunroof not to close properly.

3. Sunroof Stuck Open

Some Camry users reported that the sunroof was stuck open and they could not shut it.

Stuck sunroof happens because of battery issues, electrical problems, motor failure or mechanical slider issues.

Stuck sunroof needs to be reset manually. If the battery or motor is dead, then manual sunroof shutting is necessary.

It is a very problematic issue during rainy and snowy weather.

4. Leaking Roof

Some old Camry users reported leaking roofs in their Toyota Camry. Leaking can be caused by worn out seals, corroded sliders, dusty and dirty sunroofs, etc.

New Camrys don’t have that issue but it can occur in any model year. Proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary to avoid the issue.

5. Rattling Noise

Loose and worn-out parts can cause gaps in the sunroof fitting. As a result, vibration from driving causes the sunroof to produce noise from friction.

A sunroof with rattling noise is problematic for driving and can cause the glass to shatter or break all of a sudden.

It is also a safety issue and needs to be solved as soon as possible.

6 Tips to Avoid Camry Sunroof Problems

Sunroof issues in a Camry can be problematic for driving and safety. So the problems need to be solved quickly so that no harm comes to the users.

1. Routine Diagnosis

Routine diagnosis can keep your Camry safe from many issues.

As battery, electrical wire, control button, sliding motor and sealing rubber issues are responsible for sunroof problems, they should be diagnosed properly.

Also, the sunroof material is responsible for sudden break and should be diagnosed. Do the work routine-wise to avoid any sudden issues.

2. Regular Maintenance

Cleaning the sunroof, lubricating the slider track, checking the motor, inspecting the sunroof etc. are part of the regular maintenance.

It can avoid a system failure or emergency situation. You may want to reset the sunroof after every battery charge or install a new battery.

3. Sunroof Reset

Resetting the sunroof is necessary after the new battery installation. It clears the sliding mechanism and resets the control chips and motor.

Also, the safety sensor needs to be reset after the unsuccessful closing of the sunroof.

4. Manual Closing

Sometimes the battery or motor can be dead and cause the sunroof to stuck open. Electrical and sensor issues may also cause the problem.

If it is a power issue, then there is no way to close the sunroof without a manual method. Opening the sunroof panel and manually turning the Allen key should forcefully close the roof.

5. Fuse Replacement

Every electronic component in a vehicle is controlled by the fuse box. A fuse in the fuse box controls the automatic closing of the sunroof.

A Burnt or dead fuse causes the sunroof to get stuck. Replacing a fuse is not hard work and it costs a few dollars to replace.

6. Sunroof Replacement

Sometimes no option is available without replacing the sunroof. A cracked or shattered sunroof should be replaced for safety.

Sometimes, the motor or control button needs replacement. Replacement cost of the sunroof may vary from $460–$1000.

Resetting Panoramic Sunroof Toyota Camry

Resetting the panoramic sunroof is an easy process. Follow these 8 instructions to safely reset the sunroof in your Toyota Camry:

  1. Push the ‘tilt-up’ button and hold it. Some models may have a button named ‘slide close’.
  2. Moonroof should tilt up and down then slide open and close sequentially.
  3. After a full tilt-up-down and slide open-close, release the control button.
  4. Keep the button pressed if it is stuck in a position.
  5. Try to manually push the sliding roof if the motor isn’t working properly or the sunroof is jammed.
  6. After a full open-close sequence, it should work perfectly.
  7. Do this process every time you replace the battery or disconnect it.
  8. Contact the dealership or a nearby mechanic shop if the sunroof is malfunctioning.

Wrapping Up

Panoramic sunroof provides an aesthetic vibe and relieves claustrophobia from the users. It is a great feature to have but there are some issues too.

Maintaining the sunroof is necessary, as it can shatter through overloading and mismanagement. I have discussed 5 issues that are common in previous model Camrys.

As a Camry user, you should know about the problems and how to fix them. It will help you in any emergency situation with the sunroof.

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