Tacoma Lunar Rock vs Cement [2024]

Toyota Tacoma has many colors to choose from. Lunar rock and cement are two of the available colored models of the truck. These models have color differences and can be found in other Toyota vehicles. Lunar rock and cement colors have limited availability and price differences too.

You may want to purchase a truck and become confused about the colors as they are both popular. I will differentiate between the two colors, lunar rock and cement here. So, explore the article to get a better understanding of the colors and clear your confusion.

Lunar rock and cement colors in Tacoma have many similarities. But they have coloring, availability, pricing, user choices and model differences. Let’s head into a brief discussion of the differences.

1. Models and Trims

Many models and trims of different Toyota vehicles have lunar rock and cement colors.

Toyota introduced the lunar rock color with Tacoma, Tundra and 4Runner models in 2021. To be precise, TRD Pro trims have the lunar rock color that makes them look stunning.

Early Tacoma and 4Runner models of Toyota vehicles had cement color. Toyota provided that color to TRD Pro trims between the 2017 to 2021 model years. Cement color is currently discontinued.

2. Color Difference

Tacoma’s lunar rock has a light green tone combined with a silver or gray tint. It shows a light green or silvery green color in general lighting situations. People will see more greenish or silvery tint or blue tones in increased lightning.

Cement color of Tacoma has a gray color with a green or brown accent. It can be described as cement gray more precisely. It has a new formula and with 1H5 color code which is new to the users.

3. Color Availability

Availability of Tacoma lunar rock color is higher compared to cement color.

Lunar rock color became available in 2021 and is currently provided in many Toyota TRD Pro vehicles. It is also cheaper than cement color. Moreover, it is not discontinued like cement color. So, Tacoma lunar rock is more available.

On the contrary, many users love the cement color. It is costlier than the lunar rock color. Moreover, Toyota has stopped the production of that color. So, it is difficult to find a cement-colored Tacoma.

4. Pricing

Cement color of Tacoma is rarer than the lunar rock color. Toyota has stopped the production of cement color and started providing lunar rock color in 2021.

As a result, cement-colored Tacoma is rare to find and costly too. You will need to spend more money to own a cement-colored Tacoma.

You can also color your vehicle with both of the colors. But cement color costs around $380 to $460 whereas lunar rock costs $35 to $55.

It is because of the lower availability and new color formula. So, lunar rock color is cheaper and cement color is costlier.

5. User Choice

Users tend to like rare colored vehicles and Tacoma is no different.

You can go to any Tacoma forum to find out the popularity of cement-colored Tacoma.

Users like cement color more than the lunar rock color.

Lunar rock is cheaper and more available compared to cement.

Moreover, the cement color has a badass gray tint, which the lunar rock color does not meet.

Lunar rock shows a greenish or bluish tint which is not a favorite color to many people.

Users often tend to choose a dark color for their vehicle too.

So, cement color wins over lunar rock color in the user choice criteria.

Closing Remarks

Cement and lunar rock both are great colors for Tacoma. Both of these colors are uncommon and users like them.

Toyota discontinued the production of cement color and is continuing lunar rock. If you have to choose from these two colors, cement color would be the user’s choice.

However, you may also like the lunar rock color and not agree with other users. It is a matter of personal experience and you should always follow your instincts. I hope this article helps you to choose the suitable Tacoma color.

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