How Much MPG Do You Lose with a Lift Kit Installed

how much mpg do you lose with a lift kit

Truck owners always love to customize their trucks. One of the most common truck customizations is a suspension lift. Lifting the truck increases the ground clearance, provides better traction, and enhances aesthetics. However, any lift affects a vehicle’s fuel economy. Increased fuel consumption is especially noticeable in trucks with low fuel efficiency. You might wonder … Read more

Are Wix Oil Filters Any Good

are wix oil filters any good

Wix oil filter is a renowned brand name for automobile oil filters. Users tend to ask about Wix oil filters and whether they are good or not. Wix oil filters may not be the best oil filters out there on the market, but they are still a good choice. Wix manufactures these oil filters with … Read more

275 Vs 305 Tires [10 Differences]

275 vs 305 tire

Choosing the correct size of tire is crucial for a vehicle, which also affects its performance. Main difference between 275 and 305 tires is the width. 275 tires have a width of 275 mm and 305 tires are 305 mm wide. When users compare 275 and 305 tires, the width difference may seem minor. But, … Read more

295/70R18 Vs 35×12.5R18 Tires [7 Differences]

295/70r18 vs 35x12.5r18

Tires are an important component of a vehicle. They affect the vehicle’s fuel economy, handling, and overall safety. Tires are also used to give a vehicle an aggressive look. That’s why, when choosing a tire, some crucial factors such as tire size, fitment, and other measurements must be considered. Therefore, choosing the correct tire is … Read more

8 Methods of Unlocking the Toyota Corolla without Keys

how to unlock a toyota corolla without keys

Do you own a Toyota Corolla and ever forget your car key inside the car? It is terrible when you forget your car key inside the car. Both the incidents of losing your car keys and sparing them inside the car are pathetic when you need to unlock the car. There are better ideas than … Read more

Tundra Vs Silverado [14 Differences]

tundra vs silverado

Tundra and Silverado are the two most popular pickup trucks in the USA. The Toyota Tundra was first introduced in May 1999, while the Silverado in August 1999. They have been competing for superiority from the start, and the war is still going on. Therefore, it is crucial to ask which one is best to … Read more

285/70R17 Vs 33×12.5R17 Tires

285/70r17 vs 33x12.5r17

Tire size and fitment become confusing for many vehicle owners due to the tire’s different measurement styles. There are two ways to measure tires: one is metric, and another is imperial. Comparing 285/70R17 and 33×12.5R17 tires is a bit difficult for general people because the first measure is in the metric system, and the second … Read more

265/70R17 Vs 285/70R17 Tires [8 Differences and Similarities]

265/70r17 vs 285/70r17

Choosing the perfect tire for a vehicle is very important because too small or too big tires create many problems. Therefore, it becomes confusing sometimes, especially when comparing 265 70R17 and 285 70R17. Both tires have off-road capabilities, and they are similar in many aspects. That’s why it requires a close look to identify which … Read more

Smart Key Malfunction Toyota Camry [Cause and Fix]

smart key malfunction toyota camry

Toyota introduced the “Smart Key” in 2004 on their Corolla and Highlander. With time, they added smart keys to all models with more advanced features. Toyota Camry also comes with a smart key that offers keyless entry, lock-unlock, push-button start, and trunk release options. But it is frustrating when the key starts malfunctioning. If the … Read more

Why Won’t Highlander’s Back Door Won’t Close

toyota highlander back door won't close

Toyota Highlander is a popular midsize SUV. But like any other vehicle it has some common problems and the rear door won’t close issue is one of them. Generally, owners plan their weekend gateways around their favorite SUV. They load their bags and other necessities into the SUV. But what if, at the last second, … Read more