Cause and Solution to P2445 Toyota Tundra

P2445 trouble code indicates “SAI or secondary air injection pump, stuck off bank 1” in the Toyota Tundra. ECM is responsible for controlling the SAI pump and shows the error code upon detecting issues with the system.

A clogged vacuum hose, faulty secondary air pump, control valve failure, disconnected hose, ECM malfunction, or electrical issues trigger the P2445 trouble code.

Illuminating check engine lights and vehicles going into limp mode are the common symptoms of SAI system pump issues. Diagnosing the P2445 code requires OBD-II scanning, visual inspection, tools, and expertise.

Secondary air injector pump issues cause the engine to stumble and hesitate during acceleration. It is a moderately serious issue and may cause the engine to stall or fail if not solved in time.

I have discussed the P2445 trouble code, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and solution in this article.

What is the Code P2445 on a Toyota Tundra?

P2445 code means the secondary air pump that injects air is stuck in a Toyota Tundra at bank 1 of the system. The electric system or the crankshaft pulley drives the secondary air injection pump.

SAI injects fresh air into the engine through an external air filter to increase pressure on the exhaust. The extra air from the SAI pump oxidizes the unburned fuel and CO. Those are converted to water and CO2.

Problems like stuck pumps, electric issues, blown fuses, clogged hoses, control valve failures, air filter jamming, etc., trigger the P2445 trouble code.

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What Causes a Secondary Air Pump to Fail?

A clogged vacuum hose, faulty pump, electrical issues, control valve failure, and ECM malfunctioning are the main causes of secondary air pump failure in a Toyota Tundra. Let’s briefly discuss them:

1. Clogged vacuum hose: SAI pump has an external air filter, which provides fresh air to the system. The air is then provided with a vacuum hose to the engine. Air filters and hoses may become clogged over time, causing the pump to fail.

2. Faulty pump:  The pump may become faulty and wear over time. Faulty air pumps won’t be able to provide enough air. Sometimes, the air pump gets stuck due to aging and clogging. These issues also cause the pump to fail.

3. Electrical issues: Electric-powered SAI depends on the power of the alternator or battery to operate. Faulty wiring, a blown fuse, and faulty connectors interrupt this process. So, the pump fails due to a power shortage.

4. Control valve failure: Control valves control the airflow through the SAI pump to the engine. ECM controls the valves to provide the necessary air to the system. Faulty control valves may fail and cause the pump to fail.

5. ECM malfunction: ECM controls the SAI pump to operate as necessary. However, a faulty ECM or a problem in the software may cause the pump not to work correctly. Sometimes, the pump fails, and the ECM illuminates the check engine light and provides a P2445 trouble code.

What are the Symptoms of a Secondary Air Injection Pump Failure Tundra?

These are the 5 common symptoms of a failing secondary air injection pump in a Tundra:

  • Unusual noise from the engine
  • Check that the engine light is on
  • Increased emissions from the exhaust
  • Tundra is stuck in limp mode
  • Lower fuel economy

Look out for these symptoms to avoid any major issues with your Tundra.

Solution to P2445 Tundra Code

Solving the P2445 in a Toyota Tundra requires expertise and different tools. You must diagnose the truck with an OBD-II scanner and visually inspect the issue.

You will need professional help to solve all the causes of the P2445 trouble code. You must replace the vacuum hose and SAI pump for clogged vacuum hose, stuck pump, and valve failure.

Vacuum hose replacement costs around 12–22 dollars. A new SAI pump costs around 111 to 150 dollars. Sometimes, you must check and replace the electrical connections to solve electrical issues. Connectors and wires are very cheap and easy to find.

ECM may need calibration or software updates to solve the issue. You may need an ECM replacement if the stuck SAI pump issue is not solved. Tundra ECM costs around $140 to $250.

The price may vary due to your location, and none of the abovementioned costs include labor.


Can you drive with a bad air injection pump?

Bad or malfunctioning secondary pumps for air injection in some vehicles will cause higher emissions and illuminate the check engine light.

You can drive your vehicle without that issue. However, if the central air injector pump fails, your truck won’t start.

What is the purpose of the secondary air injection pump on a Toyota Tundra?

The purpose of the secondary pump for air injection is to provide fresh air to the engine to ignite the exhaust gas for the second time. It is for cleaner emissions and lower air pollution.

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