Why and When is Toyota Discontinuing the Camry

Yes, the Japanese Toyota Camry will be discontinued at the end of 2023. In March 2023 Toyota notified Japanese dealers that they were going to discontinue Camry at the end of the year.

But it will be continued in the USA market and Toyota going to launch its upcoming 2025 model. The Toyota Camry was first introduced in 1980 in Japan.

3 years later in 1983 the legendary midsize sedan was introduced in the United States.

Toyota Camry has had huge success in the USA from the start and still is one of the best selling cars. But Camry’s sales numbers are down in its native market in Japan.

Due to the decreased number of sales and some other reasons Toyota going to discontinue Camry in Japan.

However, in the USA and other potential markets such as India, Camry continues to launch its latest model.

I have talked about the possible causes for discontinuing Camry in Japan and its current position in the USA market.

1. Shrinking Sedan Market

Currently, sedan’s popularity decreasing. Compact SUVs and minivans taking this place.

Especially in Japan the demand for SUVs significantly increasing.

If we consider numbers, Toyota has sold 1.3 million of Camry models in Japan last 43 years.

On the other hand, in USA the number is 13 million, 10x that of Japan.

In 2022, only 6,000 Toyota Camrys were sold in Japan.

Maybe it is one of the main reasons for discontinuing Camry.

2. Production cost of Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry is a midsize sedan. Because of its size, higher taxes were imposed on it.

However, Toyota Camry’s hybrid version still appealing to buyers.

Due to its low sales and higher taxes, Toyota will be stopping its production.

3. More Alternatives

Toyota already has many models that are more popular than Camry.

Toyota Crown is such a model. Many buyers give priority to buying Toyota Crown instead of a Camry.

Therefore, Toyota focuses on more demanding models rather than less demanding one.

4. Market Segmentation

Toyota Camry is a very successful model in some markets, like the USA and India.

Toyota may want to focus on such markets where they make more profits.

As the USA market is profitable for Camry, Toyota launching latest models here.

But Camry’s demand in Japan is low and it will not be profitable.

This may be another potential reason for discontinuing.

Consumer Reactions and Expectations

A mix type of reactions we have seen after the news came out.

Some owners agreed that Toyota Camry should be discontinued.

Toyota management has understood the changes in the market and what are the buyer’s demand.

Though some owners become disappointed with this.

As they are very familiar with Toyota Camry, and they feel its touch.

Owners believe that the car is a trusted partner in their life.

However, Camry users in the United States are happy for the new models.

Current Status in the US Market

Camry is still a king on the US roads. It is one of the top ranked midsize sedans, competing perfectly with other vehicles.

Toyota Camry’s upcoming 2025 model year is considered to be a redesigned model.

Only in 2023, Toyota sold more than 240k Camry models in the USA.

The reliability, safety, and comfortability rating of Toyota Camry is high.

However, if we calculate Toyota Camry sales report over the last 10 years, its sales decreased.

The report showing in the graph:

is the toyota camry going to be discontinued

The popularity of SUVs and minivans increasing globally and it’s also happening in US.

Therefore, Camry’s purchase amount is decreasing.

Fortunately, the current number is still high and Toyota may continue Camry models production in US for the next 10 years.


Toyota will be discontinuing Camry in Japan, not in the USA. So, don’t listen to rumours.

There are many other reasons behind Camry’s discontinuation in Japan, including sales numbers, market demands, and higher taxes.

However, as the demand for Camry hybrid is high in USA, Toyota is going to bring new and improved Camry hybrids to the market.

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