8 Methods of Unlocking Automatic Car Door without the Key

It is common for you to lock your car and leave your keys inside. And it becomes embarrassing when it is time to get back into your car. You need to know the tricks to unlock your automatic car door without the keys to get into the car. There are eight must-know methods to unlock an automatic car door without a key, including:

  • By using the mobile apps
  • By using the key fob
  • By using an air wedge and reach tool
  • By using a wired coat hanger
  • By using shoelaces
  • By using the spare key
  • Using a tennis ball
  • By taking help from a professional

Method 1: By Using Mobile Apps

It is the easiest and most convenient method to unlock your automatic car door. The recent car models available on the market have a mobile app to unlock the car with the help of the manufacturer’s mobile app.

Most manufacturers provide their customers with a unique key through the app. You only need to create an account in that particular app to get access.

When you need to use that, just log in, and you will find the unlock option on the mobile app.

Method 2: By Using the Key Fob

A key fob is a remote-control device that can lock and unlock your car without keys from a certain distance. The key fob is built with a radio transmitter that is effective at a short range.

The key fob is a small device, smaller than your mobile phone, and it is very easy to carry with you in your pocket. If you forget your car keys, all you need to do is go near your car and press the unlock button, and your car door will be opened.

Method 3: By Using an Air Wedge and Reach Tool

If you forget your key inside the car and you have an airbag, you don’t need to panic. An airbag can let you inside the car, but you need to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Try to make a gap between the car door and the pillar to place the airbag in it.
  2. Evacuate the airbag and place it in the gap.
  3. Pump the air valve with your hands to make enough space to insert a metal rod or stick.
  4. Enter the rod or stick and pull the car handle.

You need to be careful when using this method. If you pump too much, your car door may get damaged and leave a permanent gap in the door.

Method 4: By Using a Wired Coat Hanger

If you don’t have any airbags, you can still unlock your automatic car door with a metal-wired coat hanger.

Let me tell you the process in 3 steps:

  1. Take a coat hanger and straighten it with your hands. Try to make it as tight as possible.
  2. Create very little space in your car door so the coat hanger can slide into it.
  3. Carefully put it in the lock and push it backward and forward.

After repeating this a few times, you will be able to unlock it.

Method 5: By Using Shoelaces

You don’t have metal rods or sticks; I have another idea for you. You can use your shoelaces to unlock your car. Let me tell you how.

  1. Take both of your shoelaces and tie them together so that you can make a long string.
  2. Make a little loop at the center of the string.
  3. Slide it into the door from the top and pull it down with both hands. Be careful while doing this. Because if you pull too hard, the loop may tighten.
  4. Drop the loop over the door lock and tighten the knot.
  5. Pull out the shoelace, and your door will be unlocked.

Method 6: By Using the Spare Key

When you buy a new car, it usually comes with two keys. You keep one as a spare key. If you get one key, it is a wise decision to make another duplicate copy. Making a duplicate car key is not that expensive. It generally costs $3 to $5.

Method 7: Using a Tennis Ball

Unlocking your car with a tennis ball is an interesting technique. You will require only two things:

  1. A tennis ball
  2. A sharp-tip knife or a cutter.

All you need to do is make a hole (not too big) in the tennis ball the same size as your keyhole. Carefully place the ball in alignment with the keyhole and press the ball as hard as you can.

And let the air pressure inside the ball do the rest, and the door will be unlocked. This method does not work all the time. So, I advise you to avoid this method.

Method 8: By Taking Help from a Professional

If you fail to implement any of the abovementioned methods, calling a professional to unlock your car is your only choice. They are well-experienced and have the proper tools to unlock your car within a very short time.

In that case, you may need to spend some bucks, but there won’t be any damage to your car door.

Final Thoughts

There is always a chance to damage the car door and leave a scratch on it while using these methods, as some sharp tools are mentioned in this method. You must be careful when implementing any of these methods.

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