8 Methods of Unlocking the Toyota Tacoma Without Keys in 2024

Every now and then, we find ourselves locked out of our vehicles after forgetting our keys inside and at a loss for what to do.

Don’t worry; I’ve got your back if you lock your door after forgetting the key inside your Tacoma and are unsure what to do next.

In this blog post, I’ve covered eight methods for unlocking your Toyota Tacoma without a key based on my experience as an auto mechanic.

Let’s get started.

Method 1: By Using an Air Bag

The air pump wedge tool works well for unlocking the truck door when it is locked and the key is either inside or misplaced.

Follow these 5-steps to unlock your truck with a wedge and reach tool.

  1. Take all the air out of the airbag and make the airbag flat.
  2. Now, insert the airbag into the frame of the truck’s door.
  3. Pump the air valve with your hand and fill the airbag with air. You will see a half or one-inch gap now.
  4. Pull a metallic rod or coat hanger into the gap and reach it at the door lock.
  5. Pull the door handle hook, and the door will be unlocked.

Method 2: By Using the Toyota Mobile App

Using the Toyota mobile app, you can control many features of your truck.

It is a very easy-to-use app built for your mobile phone to control several vehicle features.

Download the app from the Google Play Store and connect it to your pickup by signing up.

You can lock and unlock your truck’s door using this mobile app.

The app also provides features like remote start, vehicle health assistance, recall alerts, etc.

Method 3: By Using a Wire Hanger

A wire hanger is a good choice for unlocking a truck’s door lock without scratching it.

Follow these 6 steps to unlock your truck’s door with a wire hanger.

  1. Take a wire hanger and straighten it as much as possible.
  2. Insert one side of the hanger into the frame of the truck door.
  3. A hook on the car door locking system allows the door to be locked and unlocked.
  4. Try to reach from the hanger to the locking hook.
  5. Now, take the hanger around the lock and keep pulling and pushing it for some time.
  6. Your truck’s door will be unlocked after a few attempts.

Method 4: By Using a Reach Tool

You can unlock your Toyota Tacoma door lock from the rear window.

You are lucky if the window remains open.

But if the rear window is unlocked, you can try to open it using a small wire.

Follow these 6- steps to unlock the door.

  1. Make a loop with the wire and then push it through the gap in the rear window.
  2. Now, try to reach the latches on the window by reaching the loop.
  3. When the wire fits with the latches of the window, drag the wire out, and the rear window lock will be opened.
  4. Open the rear window and use a to open your truck’s door.
  5. Insert the metallic rod from the rear window into the door window lock.
  6. Now, hook up the window button, and your door lock will be unlocked.

Method 5: By Using a Screwdriver and Rod

A screwdriver is a good option to unlock the pickup truck’s door handle.

Follow this 4-step method to unlock your Tacoma door with a screwdriver and a rod.

  1. Take a screwdriver that fits the keyway of the door handle from the outside. Move the screwdriver very smoothly after it is inserted into the keyway. The lock pin will be unlocked by applying this process.
  2. Now apply some force and take the screwdriver forward and backward. Continue the same process with a rod to unlock the door.
  3. Use a narrow rod to unlock the door. Make sure the rod fits in the keyhole.
  4. Try to move the rod forward and backward around the lock pin, and you will be able to unlock the door lock after trying several times.

Method 6: By Using the Spare Key

how to unlock toyota tacoma without key

If you keep your key inside the pickup and lock the door from outside, having a spare key can be a blessing for you.

The dealership provides two truck keys when you buy the truck.

You can use this spare key to unlock your truck.

If you lose the spare key, make a spare key and keep it safe.

It will help when you forget your keys inside the truck and are locked out.

Making a spare key will cost a few dollars. But it is a safe option for your vehicle.

Method 7: By Using the Emergency Key

You can lock and unlock your pickup truck’s door using the key fob.

There is also a hidden key on the key fob.

Press the side button of the key fob, and the hidden key will be shown.

Now unlock your Tacoma’s locked door using this key.

Method 8: By Calling a Locksmith

If you cannot implement any of these methods mentioned above, then the only option for you is to call a locksmith.

Calling a locksmith is a safe way to unlock the pickup’s door lock without scratches.

Locksmiths have some amazing tools to unlock your truck door, as they are experts in this field.

The locksmith could make you a replacement key for your Toyota Tacoma if you have already lost it.

But it will cost you a few bucks to get help from a locksmith.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to do if you forget your truck key inside and lock yourself out.

Don’t panic. You can use any of these methods to unlock your Tacoma.

Call a locksmith if you are unable to apply because you are concerned about scratches. The locksmith will unlock the truck door for you without any scratches.

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