8 Methods of Unlocking the Toyota Corolla without Keys

Do you own a Toyota Corolla and ever forget your car key inside the car? It is terrible when you forget your car key inside the car.

Both the incidents of losing your car keys and sparing them inside the car are pathetic when you need to unlock the car.

There are better ideas than breaking the window or glass of your car because it will hamper you a lot. Also, it takes work to break the glass in your car.

But there are tips and tricks to unlock your Corolla without having keys or breaking the glass of the windows.

There are seven dos and don’ts when you are in such a situation:

  1. Carry extra keys in case of an emergency situation. Whenever you forget to carry your primary keys, use those duplicates to work on them instead.
  2. Whenever you want to unlock your car without your keys, check the car’s doors first. Try to enter the interior through the opened trunk if all the doors are locked.
  3. Try to call a locksmith if the situation goes wrong, and it will be easier if you have roadside assistance or nearby car services.
  4. Keep necessary tools, for example, a slim jim or key fob, as precautions for such unexpected trouble.
  5. Don’t get worried. Keep your brain calm and try the conventional tricks to open your car door easily. The more you get tense, the more the situation will get worse.
  6. It is always better to call experts or a locksmith rather than take the risk of breaking the glass in your car. It will hamper your car, and you will have to pay for it later to fix it.
  7. To get a new key for your Toyota Corolla, you need to provide all the documentation of ownership, like the VIN, identity card, registration card, title, key code, and other necessary information, to the locksmith.

These are the seven basic precautions to follow that can help you overcome such unexpected situations.

In emergency situations, when you can’t afford any assistance from a locksmith or other service, you can try it yourself with some light tools to unlock your Corolla.

If you need to remember to carry your keys or somehow lose them, there are some easy, basic ways to solve this issue and work on it with the help of lightweight tools.

1. By Using a Screwdriver

unlocking a toyota corolla with a screwdriver

A screwdriver is a handy, helpful tool for every car owner to carry.

It is also at work when you can’t find your car key.

You can unlock your car door by using a screwdriver.

To unlock your car door with a screwdriver, follow these three steps:

  1. Find one that can fit in your lock the best, and then try to slide the tool into the tiny space between the door and the frame.
  2. Place the tip of the screwdriver between the bottom of the door and the floor while holding it in your right hand.
  3. When you hear a click sound, turn counter-clockwise and repeat the clockwise turn until you hear another click, and finally open the door.

2. With a Coat Hanger

In case you are trying to unlock your car door, a coat hanger can help you do the thing.

It is a very conventional way to unlock a car.

Though there are many risks to doing this, you can follow these 4 steps carefully to unlock your Corolla:

  1. You have to slide the coat hanger between the gap of the window and the weather stripping and try to reach the control arm through it.
  2. Be careful while you slide the hanger into your car door because it can cause damage to the structural integrity of the frame and locking system of the car.
  3. After inserting the coat hanger, try to pull up the control arm and unlock the door.
  4. When you are able to unlock it, carefully open and remove the hanger, avoiding damage to the window.

3. By Using a Key Fob

You can carry a key fob, which is now a digitalized form of key.

It works with the help of radio-wave communication.

You can use it as a substitution for your conventional key and use it in emergency situations.

Situations like losing the key to the car or misplacing or forgetting it to carry can be handled straightforwardly by using a digital key fob.

4. Using Lock Picking System

unlocking a toyota corolla with lock picking system

Lock-picking systems have become popular nowadays.

It is a system of dissecting and disintegrating the lock part by using various tools without having the original key.

There are three most common tools for using a lock-picking system.

1. Bobby pin: Using a flexible bobby pin to unlock your car door can be a simple trick at work. But generally, this trick needs a flexible bobby pin and discreet operation. The solution will be much easier if the pin is more flexible and tiny.

2. Credit Card: Push the credit card against the strike plate’s bottom by sliding it into the door jamb. Force the bolt back, and you will be able to push the knob and open the door normally.

3. Bump Key: A bump key can save you in emergency situations by fitting on your lock. It is a tool that can override the locking mechanisms of the car and unlock it.

5. Using a Slim Jim

A Slim Jim is a metal tool with a notched end.

While using a slim Jim, it is necessary to be alert because it can cause damage to the car.

Slim Jim only works with an analog locking mechanism.

It won’t work on the electric locking system.

So you must first ensure that yours is not an electric one.

You can unlock your Corolla door with Slim Jim by using the following four steps:

  1. Insert your slim Jim onto the wedge between the car door and weather stripping.
  2. Slide it into the car and try to reach the car lock with its notched end.
  3. Push it onto the locking mechanism vertically and pull it up.
  4. Pull the Slim Jim slowly until the car is unlocked.

6. Crawl through the Trunk

If your car trunk is open, then there is a way to enter your car through the trunk.

It can give you access to the car through manual locks.

Generally, the trunk remains unlocked even if the doors are locked.

You can follow these four steps to enter your locked Corolla:

  1. Firstly, check the trunk to see if it is unlocked or not.
  2. If it is found unlocked, luckily, then try to find the gap behind the back seats inside the trunk.
  3. Pull the cable to lower the seats.
  4. Once you lower the seat, you can crawl inside and manually unlock the door.

This technique may seem suspicious to others. So be careful about your identification in case of any query.

To open the trunk easily and fast, keep the trunk release lever on the side of the driver of your Toyota Corolla.

7. By Using an Airbag

unlocking a toyota corolla with an airbag

The airbag is a valuable tool for unlocking the Corolla’s locked door.

It is convenient to carry and easy to use.

You can try with an airbag to work on.

Airbags can unlock your Corolla by following these five steps:

  1. You need to insert the bag between the car doors.
  2. Pump the bag and fill it with air.
  3. When the bag is complete, it will leave a gap between the doors.
  4. Through the gap, you can press the lock paddle with another long-reach tool.
  5. Finally, with that long-reach tool, you will be able to unlock the car door.

8. By Using a Mobile App

Using a mobile app as a key fob can be your savior.

Nowadays, some popular mobile apps can provide digital key services.

These apps are used as a substitute for an analog key.

In emergency situations, a mobile app that was previously set up as the key fob can open your accidentally locked car door without any trouble.

Final Thoughts

You have to try these methods very carefully. Any of these methods can cause harm because of disintegration or malfunction. You can use the basic tricks first, like a coat hanger, screwdriver, and lock-picking system.

If they don’t work, then try using some specified tools like an airbag or Slim Jim, or you can crawl through the trunk. Key fob, mobile app, secondary key, etc. technologies can be carried as a precaution for upcoming emergency situations.

If you fail to execute any of these tricks and methods, it is better to call a locksmith or contact nearby roadside assistance.

If you lock yourself out of the car in the dark, you can use a lockout tool that glows in the dark to find out the lock system when there are poor lighting issues. It will ensure the safety and harmlessness of your car.

Happy driving!

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