4 Methods of Unlocking the Corolla Trunk without Keys

Some users often forget their keys or lock them out of the vehicle. They tend to keep forgetting about the keys in a regular manner.

The best solution to this problem is to keep your keys checked all the time.

Whatever measure users take, it can happen again, and they should not become anxious about it.

There are a few methods to open your car and trunk without keys.

The best method of opening the car trunk without keys is to pull the trunk release lever near the driver seat. Other methods are to access the trunk by folding the rear seats and picking the trunk lock. Other possible methods are to use the key fob and get help from professionals.

I have discussed four methods to open the trunk of your Toyota Corolla without keys.

Method 1: Using the Trunk Release Lever

Users can open the trunk by using the trunk release lever. The lever or button is generally located near the floor of the driver’s side. It has an open car trunk mark printed on it. A mechanical latch releases the trunk when you pull the lever or push the button. It is the easiest way to open the trunk of your Corolla without keys.

Method 2: By Folding Rear Seats

Users can also access the trunk from the rear seats without using keys. After folding the rear seats, users will get access to the trunk. There is a horizontal lever near the trunk lock. Users can use it to open the trunk from the back of the car.

Method 3: Trunk Lock Picking

Users can also pick up the trunk lock to access it. Lock-picking tools are available in most of the automobile stores out there. Users should have a few lock-picking lessons for emergency necessities. It can become a personal hobby and come in handy in necessary moments.

Method 4: Seeking  Professional Help

Sometimes, the problems should be left to professionals. If users are not confident about taking the matter at hand, they should seek help from professionals. Opening a trunk or picking a lock is a piece of cake for them.


Where is the trunk release button?

The trunk release button is generally situated under the dashboard on the driver’s side. The trunk release lever usually sits near the floor of the driver’s seat. The trunk release button can open the trunk of your vehicle without keys.

Can I use key fob to unlock Corolla trunk?

Key fob is capable of opening the trunk of your vehicle. There is a button with a printed open trunk logo on it. Press it, and the trunk should open immediately. It is one of the easiest ways to unlock a trunk without keys.

Can I use Toyota app to unlock trunk?

Users can lock and unlock the trunk of their Toyota vehicles. Remote locking and unlocking of doors and trunks is a new feature. It is only available on specific models of Toyota vehicles. Selected 2022 or newer Toyota vehicles have the remote lock-unlock feature. Check the eligible list of remote lock-unlock features to see if your Corolla model is enlisted or not.

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