How to Make Homemade Washer Fluid at Home

There are four most effective homemade washer fluid recipes: vinegar wiper fluid, diluted window cleaner, castile soap with rubbing alcohol, and ammonia with dish soap. These washer fluids are widely used and easy to make at home.

If you want to save money and time but keep your car clean, then don’t worry. I have shared how to make car washer fluid at home.

1. Vinegar Wiper Fluid

The most effective and safest wiper cleaner is vinegar wiper fluid.

Natural items are mainly used to make vinegar wiper fluid.

Therefore, the fluid is chemical-free and does not harm the environment.

Collect the following items to make vinegar wiper fluid:

  • ¼ part of white vinegar
  • ¾ parts of distilled water
  • Funnel and jug


Mix the white vinegar and water in a container.

Shake the container thoroughly so they will mix appropriately.

Use only white vinegar because other colors leave residue on the car’s windshield.

This solution is best for cold weather.

After making the solution, test whether the solution is frozen at a cold temperature or not.

Simply leave one cup of this solution outside overnight.

If frozen, add a cup of rubbing alcohol to the solution and test.

Then, use this solution as a washer fluid.

2. Ammonia and Dish Soap

diy windshield washer fluid with ammonia

Dish soap with ammonia is the best wiper fluid that wipes away maximum mud and dirt.

This homemade wiper fluid is used worldwide.

The wiper fluid is referred to as all-weather fluid because it usually does not freeze in the winter.

The following ingredients are required to make ammonia and dish soap wiper fluid:

  • One tablespoon of dish soap
  • Half-cup additive-free ammonia
  • One gallon of distilled water
  • A two-gallon container

Add distilled water and dish soap to a jug.

Use a small amount of dish soap when making the solution.

Then, add half a cup of ammonia. Make sure the ammonia is additive-free.

Now, test the solution on the windshield.

Add a few drops of dish soap again if you think the solution is insufficient to wipe away dirt and mud.

Always add dish soap in a small amount. Otherwise, it makes the solution thicker.

Once satisfied with the result, pour the solution into the clean wiper fluid container.

3. Diluted Window Cleaner

diluted window cleane

The simple way to make a wiper cleaner is to dilute the window cleaner.

Gather the following components to make diluted cleaner:

  • One gallon of distilled water
  • 1 cup of good-quality glass cleaner
  • A one-and-a-half-gallon empty container

Add the distilled water and glass cleaner to the empty container.

Shake and mix the solution properly. This solution is perfect for the summer season.

After making the solution, test a small amount on the windshield.

The solution should remove all dirt from the windshield without leaving any trace.

4. Castile Soap and Rubbing Alcohol

Castile soap is also widely used for making washer fluid.

This washer fluid is also preferred because it is safe and nature-friendly.

The following ingredients are needed to make the castile soap washer fluid:

  • Liquid castile soap [Ensure the soap is made from vegetable oil and free from synthetic ingredients and animal fats]
  • 1 gallon of distilled water
  • 8 ounces of rubbing alcohol
  • An empty container

Mix the rubbing alcohol and water appropriately.

Now, pour a small amount of liquid castile soap into the mixture.

Check the castile soap solution on the car windshield before putting it in the fluid container.

In cold weather, adjust the amount of alcohol.


Is making your own windshield washer fluid worth it?

Yes, making washer fluid is worth it.

Because washer fluid ingredients are cheap and available on the market.

The main purpose of making washer fluid at home is to save some bucks.

However, it is a quick process, which saves time too.

But mixing all ingredients in a proper amount is necessary.

Remember that inappropriate mixtures can clog the hoses and pumps of the washer fluid system.

How much alcohol is in windshield washer fluid?

30%-50% menthol is the ideal amount for commercial windshield washer fluid.

Menthol is a highly toxic alcohol.

Windshield washer fluid also contains water, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, and other components.

However, the amount of alcohol in windshield washer fluid depends on temperature.

For -40 °C, the alcohol amount will be 50%, but for -30 °C or less, the alcohol amount decreases.

Can you use just water for windshield wiper fluid?

Yes, water can be used as windshield wiper fluid, although it is not very effective.

Generally, I don’t recommend using water for wiper fluid, especially if you are from the northern part of the United States.

Water freezes in the winter season and causes other issues.

Use homemade washer fluid in place of water.

I hope, from now on, you can now make your own homemade washer fluid for your car.

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