7 Steps of Changing Battery in Tundra Key Fob

Your Toyota Tundra can be started, locked, and unlocked using a handy little gadget called a key fob. It additionally comes with a wireless remote for the alarm system in your truck.

A battery powers the key fob, and the battery may gradually require replacement. Here I have explained how you can change the battery in your Toyota Tundra’s key fob.

Signs of Low Battery in Key Fob

There are a few signs that your key fob’s battery needs replacing. These signs include:

  1. The key fob will begin to operate irregularly.
  2. The key fob’s range will be reduced.
  3. Your truck can hardly be locked or unlocked using the key fob.

If you notice any of the symptoms, you need to change the key fob’s battery.

How to Change Battery in Toyota Tundra Key Fob

Follow these 7 steps carefully to change your Toyota Tundra key fob battery:

  1. Gather the necessary materials: A brand-new CR2032 battery and a small flathead screwdriver.
  2. Take out the spare key: Use the tip of the flathead screwdriver into the hole in the bottom of the key fob and rotate it to take out the emergency key.
  3. Start working on the key fob: Push the flathead screwdriver into the small gap on the rear of the key fob and force it open.
  4. Delete the previous battery: Carefully delete the previous battery from the focal point of the key fob.
  5. Install the new battery: Install a brand-new CR2032 battery. Make sure the battery’s positive side points upward.
  6. Close the fob: Press the two halves of the key fob together firmly until they click into place.
  7. Examine the key fob: Use the locking and unlocking buttons to test the key fob’s functionality.

You’re done now! You can replace a Toyota Tundra key fob’s battery this much more quickly.

You may prolong the functionality of your key fob by following the above instructions.

Where Can You Find Tundra Key Fob Battery

When you are looking for your Toyota Tundra key fob battery, you can visit the following places:

  1. You can purchase a replacement CR2032 battery at most electronics shops nearby.
  2. You can also purchase a replacement battery online at Amazon or eBay.

Tips to Protect Toyota Tundra Key Fob Battery

You can take care of the following things to save your Toyota Tundra key fob battery from damage in the future:

  1. Protect your key fob from temperature fluctuations.
  2. Try not to throw your key fob away.
  3. You should replace the battery on your key fob every 2-3 years, even if it is not yet poor.

Final Thoughts

If you are still having problems changing your Toyota Tundra key fob battery or you cannot select the right battery for your truck’s key fob, you can always seek the help of a Toyota dealer.

He will help you change the key fob battery and give you proper guidelines for the future.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Comment below if you have any other questions about the Toyota.

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