Tundra Hybrid MPG vs Gas MPG

tundra hybrid mpg vs gas

The Toyota Tundra is a full-size pickup truck introduced in 1999. The truck is famous for its sustainability and better fuel efficiency. However, the latest Toyota Tundra offers two different powertrain options: the Tundra Hybrid and the base model Tundra Gas. Tundra Hybrid has some advantages over Tundra turbocharged powertrains. The hybrid has a better … Read more

P2432 Toyota Tundra | Cause and Solution

p2432 toyota tundra

The main reason the diagnostic trouble code P2432 appears in the OBD-II device is when there is a fault in the power train system, specifically in Low Bank 1 of the Secondary Air Pressure System. Secondary Air Pressure System is an emission control component that helps reduce emissions during a cold start. After a cold … Read more

Tundra Camshaft Tower Leak Meaning, Cause and Solution

tundra camshaft tower leak

‘Cam tower leak’ is a general issue in Toyota Tundras equipped with 5.7L V8 engines. You may face a leak in the camshaft tower between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. Improper sealing, loose bolts, fuel pressure, cracks in the tower, or wear and tear over time are the common reasons for oil seeping from the cam … Read more

Cause and Solution to P2445 Toyota Tundra

p2445 toyota tundra

P2445 trouble code indicates “SAI or secondary air injection pump, stuck off bank 1” in the Toyota Tundra. ECM is responsible for controlling the SAI pump and shows the error code upon detecting issues with the system. A clogged vacuum hose, faulty secondary air pump, control valve failure, disconnected hose, ECM malfunction, or electrical issues … Read more

Best Year for Toyota Tundra | New and Used

best year for toyota tundra

Almost all Toyota Tundras are reliable and considered good from the start to the present. After closely examining each Tundra model year, some stand out as the best. In this article, I have discussed the best Toyota Tundra model years with reliability ratings and mentioned the worst model years. At present, the Toyota Tundra has … Read more

7 Difference Between 4.7 And 5.7 Tundra

tundra 4.7 vs 5.7

4.7 and 5.7 are two different V8 engine variants of the Toyota Tundra. As both engine variants are reliable and quite similar, users tend to get confused when selecting between the 4.7 and 5.7 Tundra. The major differences between 4.7 and 5.7 Tundra are in performance, specs, MPG, towing, and price. In this article, I … Read more

New Tundra Common Issues

new toyota tundra issues

New Toyota Tundra’s most common issues are high fuel consumption, window seal gap, wind noise, creaking interior door panel, squeaky Limited suspension, narrow visibility, and oxygen sensor issues. Tundra is one of the beasts on the USA roads. It has a great history in terms of performance, reliability, and longevity. But new Tundra has some … Read more

Tundra TSS and TRD [Differences and Similarities: 2024]

tundra tss vs trd

The Tundra stands out as an outstanding example of solid engineering and versatile design in the world of Toyota trucks. It is a popular full-size pickup truck that offers a variety of trim levels and packages. Two of its popular packages are TSS and TDR. But many potential buyers always have confusion between the two … Read more

Tundra 4.6 Vs 5.7 | 7 Differences and Similarities

toyota tundra 4.6 vs 5.7

The Toyota Tundra is a popular full-size pickup truck available with two different V8 engines: a 4.6L and a 5.7L. The most common difficulty for prospective buyers is deciding between the 4.6L and 5.7L engines. Both engines are reliable and capable, but they have some major differences in power, torque, fuel efficiency, towing capacity, etc. … Read more

Is Toyota Tundra a Good Truck or Not

is toyota tundra a good truck

The Toyota Tundra, available since 1999, is a full-size pickup truck. The truck is renowned for its powerful engine, smooth ride, and roomy interior. But its average fuel efficiency and lack of several innovative safety measures have also drawn criticism. But still, people prioritize the Tundra for their daily travels. Today, I have explained why … Read more