Why Won’t Highlander’s Back Door Won’t Close

toyota highlander back door won't close

Toyota Highlander is a popular midsize SUV. But like any other vehicle it has some common problems and the rear door won’t close issue is one of them. Generally, owners plan their weekend gateways around their favorite SUV. They load their bags and other necessities into the SUV. But what if, at the last second, … Read more

Best Years for Toyota Highlander You Can Buy in 2024

best year for toyota highlander

Since 2000, Toyota has been manufacturing the Highlander, a midsize SUV. It is one of the most reliable SUVs, providing a comfortable driving experience, especially on long road trips. The Highlander is available in various configurations, such as two-wheel and four-wheel drive, and three rows of seats. It offers two engine choices: a 3.5-liter V6 … Read more

3 Methods of Resetting Maintenance Light on Highlander

how to reset maintenance light on toyota highlander

Your Toyota Highlander’s “MAINTENANCE REQUIRED” light illuminates every 5,000 miles to remind you to service the vehicle. The light does not indicate that there is a problem with your Highlander, but it does mean that you should get your oil changed, your filters updated, and other routine checks done. You must actively reset the “MAINTENANCE … Read more

Best Years for Used Toyota Highlander in 2024

best year for used toyota highlander

Toyota Highlander is a mid-size compact crossover sport utility vehicle. The SUV was first introduced in 2000. It is the most popular mid-size SUV in the USA. Its interior is roomy and comfy, and it has lots of cargo capacity. The Highlander is renowned for its reliability and security. Since 2013, it has received the … Read more

4 Common Toyota Highlander Engine Problems and Fixes

toyota highlander engine problems

The V6 Toyota Highlander engine has been manufactured since 2000. It features 3 different powertrain options: a 3.5-liter V6 engine, a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with a generator, and a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine. Each Highlander engine is connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission. Highlander’s engines have had some issues over the years. I have discussed … Read more

Toyota Highlander Hybrid Years to Avoid Buying in 2024

toyota highlander hybrid years to avoid

Toyota Highlander Hybrid, a midsize crossover SUV, was built in 2005 in Japan. It was first introduced to the public in 2004 in Detroit and was available for purchase in 2005 as a 2006 model year. Since then, Toyota Highlander Hybrid has been one of the best-selling cars in the world, selling more than 1.1 … Read more

6 Toyota Highlander Years to Avoid Buying in 2024

toyota highlander years to avoid

The Toyota Highlander mid-sized SUV became the fastest-selling car after its launch in New York in 2001 for its outstanding features, including better handling, better passenger comfort, interior and exterior design safety, and driver assistance features. However, some model years didn’t meet customer expectations and had problems with performance, control, and comfort despite many appealing … Read more