2 Methods | How to Reset the Maintenance Light on a Toyota Camry

how to reset a maintenance light on a toyota camry

Maintenance light is a safety feature of Toyota vehicles. It usually turns on after 5000 miles of oil change. When the light is on, it reminds the users to maintain the vehicle by changing oils, cleaning filters, rotating tires, etc. Usually, maintaining the vehicle puts the light off, but faulty sensors may keep the light … Read more

Smart Key Malfunction Toyota Camry [Cause and Fix]

smart key malfunction toyota camry

Toyota introduced the “Smart Key” in 2004 on their Corolla and Highlander. With time, they added smart keys to all models with more advanced features. Toyota Camry also comes with a smart key that offers keyless entry, lock-unlock, push-button start, and trunk release options. But it is frustrating when the key starts malfunctioning. If the … Read more

Why and When is Toyota Discontinuing the Camry

is toyota discontinuing the camry

Yes, the Japanese Toyota Camry will be discontinued at the end of 2023. In March 2023 Toyota notified Japanese dealers that they were going to discontinue Camry at the end of the year. But it will be continued in the USA market and Toyota going to launch its upcoming 2025 model. The Toyota Camry was … Read more

5 Camry Panoramic Sunroof Problems

toyota camry panoramic sunroof problems

Panoramic sunroof is a good feature for any vehicle including the Toyota Camry. Sunroof lets the sunlight in and refreshes the passenger’s mind. Moreover, it is more effective in air conditioning compared to car windows regarding noise and earache. But the advantages of a sunroof come with some disadvantages in a Camry. Very hot weather … Read more

Camry Sticky Dashboard Recall [2024]

toyota camry sticky dashboard recall

Cars can easily get dirty but sometimes it is not the fault of the driver or passengers. Toyota Camry’s dashboard can even become sticky without any contribution from passengers. Many Camry cars are plagued with the problem and some users haven’t got any solutions yet. There are many disadvantages to having a sticky dashboard. Toyota … Read more

What is the Highest Mileage on a Camry

what is the highest mileage on a toyota camry

High mileage is the key factor in a vehicle’s longevity and endurance. Camry is well known as an excellent vehicle with excellent performance and durability. It is a long-lasting car, like other reputed cars from the same automaker. Many users are listed as achieving more than 300,000 miles on their Camry. It represents the quality … Read more

Is Toyota Camry a Good Car

are toyota camrys good cars

Toyota introduced Camry car in 1983. Currently, the car has completed its 40 years of journey and its 9th generation is on the market. Over a long time Toyota added a lot of advanced features and technologies to Camry car. With a great experience in this long journey Toyota Camry continues to win user’s hearts. … Read more

Camry Tire Pressure Sensor Resetting Method

toyota camry tire pressure sensor reset

Tire pressure monitor sensor or TPMS is an essential part of a vehicle. It is fitted to Toyota vehicles to provide low-pressure warning in any tires. There can be four or five TPMS sensors included in your Toyota Camry. There will be five sensors because the spare tire may also include one sensor. TPMS sensor … Read more

Methods Turning Off Lane Assist on Toyota Camry

how to turn off lane assist toyota camry

A driver assistance feature called Lane Assist helps keep the car centered in its lane. It recognizes lane markers and the car’s location in the lane using a camera and radar. It helps with steering to keep the driver in their lane, but it cannot replace safe driving. Some drivers may find lane assistance irritating … Read more

How to Turn Off Maintenance Light on Camry

how to turn off maintenance light on toyota camry

After every 5,000 miles, the “MAINT REQD” light turns on automatically to remind you to perform regular maintenance on your car. Don’t panic if you see the maintenance light on your Toyota Camry; it doesn’t indicate anything wrong with your vehicle. It does not turn off automatically; it needs to be reset manually. As long … Read more