How Do I Remove Window Tint from My Car Windows

how do i remove window tint from my car windows

Window tint is a thin film or coating that is used on the car’s glass surface to reduce inside heat and glare from sunlight. But with time, the tint peels, bubbles, or degrades. Therefore, it requires removal or replacement. If you are bored with the window tint color or the tint is bubbling or deteriorating, … Read more

275/60R20 vs 275/65R20 Tires | 7 Differences

275/60r20 vs 275/65r20

Differentiating between tires can be difficult if they have only a little difference. The main differences between 275/60r20 and 275/65r20 tires are in aspect ratio. It represents the percentage of sidewall height to section width ratio. Sidewall height increases with the increase in aspect ratio. 275/60r20 tires have an aspect ratio of 60%, and 275/65r20 … Read more

275 vs 285 Tire Differences

275 vs 285 tire

Buying tires for cars is exciting all the time because tires have a great impact on vehicle performance, appearance, and many more. New tires provide an opportunity to improve the vehicle’s performance. It also offers to change the vehicle’s exterior appearance and give it an aggressive look. So, if you are looking for a new tire … Read more

How Fast Can You Drive in 4 Wheel High [+Pros and Cons]

how fast can you drive in 4 wheel high

Four-wheel drive is an essential option for driving in off-road and rough conditions. 4WD high and 4WD low are two modes of 4×4 driving systems used in different terrains. But the common question of many 4×4 users is: How fast can you drive in 4 wheel high? It is a good question, as different terrains … Read more

AMP Research Power Step Reset

amp research power step reset

The AMP Research PowerStep is very helpful, but sometimes it starts to malfunction. As a result, entering and exiting the truck becomes difficult, especially if it is lifted 5–10 inches. In this case, you must reset the PowerStep to fix the problem. There are two ways to reset the AMP Research Power Step: a soft … Read more

Why is My Muffler Leaking Water | 4 Reasons

why is my muffler leaking water

Sometimes, water drips or leaks from the muffler of a car. Muffler is a part of the exhaust system, and water leaking from it may surprise you. It is a confusing scenario; you should know why it happens and when it could become a major issue. Condensation is the main cause of dripping water from … Read more

Why is My Tire Pressure Light Blinking

why is my tire pressure light blinking

The tire pressure monitoring system always monitors the tire pressure of all the tires, including spare tires. Solid and blinking tire pressure warning lights indicate different meanings. When the tire pressure warning light is on, it means there is an issue with tire pressure. Blinking a tire pressure warning light means the pressure is losing … Read more

How to Make Homemade Washer Fluid at Home

how to make homemade washer fluid

There are four most effective homemade washer fluid recipes: vinegar wiper fluid, diluted window cleaner, castile soap with rubbing alcohol, and ammonia with dish soap. These washer fluids are widely used and easy to make at home. If you want to save money and time but keep your car clean, then don’t worry. I have … Read more

4 Methods of Unlocking the Corolla Trunk without Keys

how to unlock a toyota corolla trunk without keys

Some users often forget their keys or lock them out of the vehicle. They tend to keep forgetting about the keys in a regular manner. The best solution to this problem is to keep your keys checked all the time. Whatever measure users take, it can happen again, and they should not become anxious about … Read more

How Much MPG Do You Lose with a Lift Kit Installed

how much mpg do you lose with a lift kit

Truck owners always love to customize their trucks. One of the most common truck customizations is a suspension lift. Lifting the truck increases the ground clearance, provides better traction, and enhances aesthetics. However, any lift affects a vehicle’s fuel economy. Increased fuel consumption is especially noticeable in trucks with low fuel efficiency. You might wonder … Read more