Are Wix Oil Filters Any Good

Wix oil filter is a renowned brand name for automobile oil filters. Users tend to ask about Wix oil filters and whether they are good or not. Wix oil filters may not be the best oil filters out there on the market, but they are still a good choice.

Wix manufactures these oil filters with high-end materials, which make them last longer. They have been manufacturing oil filters for a vast variety of vehicles for almost 80 years. Also, the affordability of the oil filters is great compared to other oil filters.

Some Wix oil filters can last 7000 to 15000 miles without hassle. I have discussed Wix oil filters in this article to help you understand them and decide to choose one.

What is a Wix Oil Filter

Wix oil filter is an automobile oil filter branded by the name Wix. Oil filters generally fit between the engine and oil pump to filter out impurities and debris.

The good thing about Wix oil filters is that they never stop innovating and using durable materials. Wix oil filters are aimed at heavy users who do heavy loads and offroading. It comprises a filter media, a silicone anti-drain valve, a baseplate, and an O-ring sealing gasket.

Filter media is made of synthetic wire, which filters out the impurities and keeps the oil clean. The anti-drain back valve is silicone, which keeps the filtered oil in the filter. It helps to reserve the oil when the user turns off the engine and supply oil when they start the engine again.

The baseplate of the Wix filter is made of steel to avoid corrosion and helps the filter mount on the engine. The O-ring sealing gasket is made out of HNBR, and it tightens the filter joints to avoid oil leaking.

Wix oil filters can filter out dirt as small as 0.02mm to provide clean fuel to the engine. It helps to reduce wear and keep the engine running for a long time without any issues.

Wix Oil Filter Quality [with 7 Advantages]

Wix oil filters started their journey in 1930 and became popular in 1954. They got recognition after the “twist of the wrist” thread filter innovation and patenting.

Wix Filters manufactures oil, air, fuel, cabin filters, etc, and they have never stopped innovating new types of filters. They entered the MANN+HUMMEL Group in 2016 as one of the largest global filtration companies.

Here are 7 advantages of the Wix oil filters:

1. Filtration Superiority

Wix filters are known for their innovative and superior oil filtration systems. After installing one of Wix’s filters, users feel safe, as it can filter 95% or more dirt from the oil. It can filter debris as small as 20 microns, or 0.2 mm, which is very good for engines.

2. Fits Versatile Driving Conditions

Wix filters make oil filters for various driving conditions. In regular to extreme conditions, nothing is off-limits for Wix filters. Users can choose from a vast variety of filters for their needs.

3. Budget Friendly

Wix filters are more budget-friendly than other conventional oil filters. At an affordable price, Wix filters provide exceptional performance. They have been in the business for over 80 years and have never compromised user satisfaction.

4. Versatile Oil Compatibility

Wix oil filters work well for both synthetic and conventional oils. There is a huge collection of oil filters that users can choose from. From over 16,000 variants of products, one must fit your needs.

5. Long Lasting

Wix filters last longer compared to the price. Users can use a filter up to 15,000 miles without any issues. It is rare for most of the oil filters out on the market.

6. Anti Draining Valve

Wix filters are innovative, and anti-draining is one of their best features. It is a valve that stops the filtered oil from draining back to storage. So, the oil or fuel is ready for the engine to use even after being stopped for a while.

7. Wix Oil Filter Warranty

Wix filters provide a 1-year guarantee for new products from authorized sellers. Unauthorized products don’t get a warranty or guarantee from them. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, including a replacement or refund. However, the product should be genuine and purchased from an authorized shop for warranty eligibility.


Who manufactures Wix oil filters?

MANN+HUMMEL Group manufactures Wix oil filters now. Wix filters became part of them in 2016. They manufacture the filters in their plants in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Can you use a WIX XP filter with conventional oil?

Wix XP filters are designed for bigger particles; some models can capture pollen particles. Conventional oils have debris of smaller sizes, which can be troublesome for bigger particle filters. Users can use Wix XP filters with conventional oil only if the filter can filter smaller particles. Otherwise, users may run into inconveniences.

How many miles is a WIX oil filter good for?

Generally, Wix oil filters last 4000 to 10,000 miles without any issues. It will cover 2 or 3 times of oil changing. But they are built to last; some filters can provide service for up to 15,000 miles.

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