Amber Vs White Fog Lights [7 Differences]

Visibility is an important factor while driving a vehicle. It is related to the safety of drivers, nearby vehicles and people on the road.

Fog, rain, and snowfall are some natural conditions that affect the visibility of the driver.

These environmental changes make visibility poor hence it becomes difficult to navigate safely in these situations.

Wipers can clean the windshield for a certain time, which also distracts the driver.

Fog lights are necessary in these situations to clearly see through the foggy environment.

Vehicle owners use amber or white fog lights for different situations and you may be wondering which is better.

I am going to distinguish between amber fog lights and white fog lights to assist you in figuring out the answer.

What Is Fog Light?

Fog lights are powerful LED or halogen lamps that can provide great visibility in unclear weather.

They are mounted near or under the headlight or separately in the bumper.

Fog lights are different from headlights in many aspects and users tend to get confused about them.

Fog lights can be white or amber which discharges very bright light that assists the driver in poor visible conditions.

Yellow or amber lights have great infiltration ability among all light colors.

Amber lights can penetrate the foggy weather and help users navigate safely.

White fog lights can produce glare which is bad for drivers and nearby people on the road.

Here is a basic comparison table of amber fog lights vs white:


Amber Fog Lights

White Fog Lights


Amber or yellow





Bulb type

Halogen or led

Led or halogen




Color temperature

2000-3000 K

5000-6000 K







Amber vs White Fog Lights [Differences and Similarities]

A brief comparison of Amber Fog Lights and White is as follows:

1. Color Comparison

Amber fog light has an amber or yellow tone to its color. It can penetrate a foggy environment for a long distance. Yellow light is also more visible than white light.

On the other hand, white lights can be white or close to white color. There can be a warm tone to the light.

2. Look Difference

White fog lights have a basic look whereas amber fog lights have a badass look to them. They provide a more aesthetic look to the vehicles. White fog lights are simple and not as attractive as the amber lights.

3. Type of Bulb

White and amber fog lights have halogen and LED lamp compatibility. They have no basic difference on this occasion. But amber lights tend to have halogen build for better color tone and build.

4. Wavelength

Wavelengths of white fog lights are shorter whereas amber fog lights provide longer waves. Long waves can travel a long distance. As a result, amber lights provide better visibility distance than white lights.

5. Color Temperature

Amber lights have a lower color temperature than white lights. The color temperature of amber fog light is 2000 to 3000 kelvins. White fog lights have a color temperature of 5000 to 6000 kelvins.

6. Brightness Comparison

White lights provide more brightness than amber lights. Amber lights have a lower color temperature hence low brightness.

On the other hand, white fog lights have a higher color temperature hence more brightness.

7. Glare

Glare is a dangerous factor during vehicle driving. White lights are bright and have lower wavelengths.

So, they produce more glare than amber lights. Amber lights can penetrate fog easily for a long distance.

So, they do not produce that much glare. Glares cause a distraction to the driver.


Are amber fog lights better than white?

Amber or yellow fog lights provide better visibility and distance. Also, they don’t produce glare which is dangerous for driving. It is eye-friendly to passersby and other vehicle drivers. White fog lights are very bright and produce a lot of glare. So, amber fog lights are better in terms of visibility and user experience. But it is a personal choice for users and anyone can use amber or white color by their own choice.

Are amber fog lights legal?

Amber, yellow and white fog lights are legal in most of the states. Other colors like red or blue or multicolored fog lights are illegal. It is illegal to use fog lights when there is no fog in some states like Florida.

Fog lights are necessary for the safety of drivers and roadside people.

It is impossible to drive in a foggy, snowy or rainy environment without good fog lights.

There are different colors available for fog lights but only amber, yellow and white colors are legal.

I have discussed the pros and cons of amber and white fog lights in this article. I think now you can choose the right one for you.

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