Common 2nd Gen Tacoma Transmission Problems and Fixes

Toyota has manufactured the Toyota Tacoma since 1995. Tacoma is a pickup truck with three generations.

The first-generation Tacomas are classified as compact pickups. Second and third generations of Tacomas are classified as midsize pickups.

Tacoma became Motor Trend‘s Truck of the Year in 2005.

What Years Are 2nd Gen Tacomas?

2005–2015 Toyota Tacoma model years are the second generation of the Tacoma series.

Users love Tacomas for their longevity and good fuel economy.

Tacoma has a powerful four-cylinder engine that can meet all of your needs.

But there are some issues with the Toyota Tacomas, like excessive rusting, engine problems, interior accessory problems, transmission problems, etc.

Let’s discuss four 2nd generation Tacoma transmission problems, their causes, and their solutions.

2nd Gen Tacoma Transmission Problems | 4 Problems

The most common transmission issues with the 2nd generation of the Toyota Tacoma include rough shifting, jamming, transmission failure, and excessive rusting.

Let’s briefly discuss the four transmission problems:

1. Rough Shifting

Rough shifting means the transmission won’t easily shift from one gear to another.

Users reported that they had rough shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear.

Rough shifting may occur at 40,000 miles or later.

2. Noise and Vibration

Transmission can be noisy over time. There can be shuddering, chirping, or humming noises.

Transmission problems may cause vibrations and shaking.

It makes the vehicle uncomfortable to drive. Noise and vibration may occur at 45,000 miles or later.

3. Transmission Failure

Transmission failure occurred in many second-generation Tacomas.

It is a state where the transmission completely loses its power and performance.

You may face transmission failure at 25,000–1,60,000 miles.

4. Excessive Rusting

Many Tacoma users reported that they had faced excessive rusting.

Rusting can also affect transmission. Rusting can appear at 90,000 miles or later.

Causes of 2nd Gen Tacoma Transmission Problems

These are the 7 main causes of 2nd gen Tacoma transmission problems:

Transmission Fluid Issues

Transmission fluid plays an important role in transmission functionality.

If the transmission fluid is low, it can cause delayed or rough shifting.

Dirty transmission fluid can cause noise and vibration in the transmission.

Worn Transmission Gears

Transmission gears are the main component of a transmission.

If the gears are worn out, the transmission won’t work properly.

Misaligned Gearbox

A misaligned gearbox can cause vibration and delayed shifting.

The transmission won’t work properly if the gearbox or components are not aligned correctly.

Loose Components

Loose components can cause delayed shifting and vibration.

Sometimes transmission failures occur due to loose components.

Torque Converter Issue

A torque converter is an important device used in automatic transmission.

A faulty torque converter can lead to different transmission problems, including transmission failure.

Clutch Problems

A worn-out clutch can cause transmission slipping, noise, and transmission failure.

Bad Transmission Solenoid

Transmission solenoid packs are responsible for shifting the transmission.

A bad transmission solenoid can lead to delayed shifting, noise and vibration, transmission failure, etc.

Symptoms of 2nd Gen Tacoma Transmission Problems

These are the 7 symptoms of 2nd gen Tacoma transmission problems you should look for:

  1. The transmission is not responding properly.
  2. The transmission doesn’t shift easily.
  3. Shaking and vibration during shifting or acceleration.
  4. Strange noise coming out of the transmission.
  5. The transmission slips and shifts on its own.
  6. Check that the engine light is on.
  7. The transmission shifted to a lower gear and reduced engine power.

Solution to 2nd Gen Tacoma Transmission Problems

The following techniques can fix Tacoma transmission issues:

Transmission Fluid Issues

You should check your transmission fluid level and quality on a daily basis.

If the fluid level is low, refill the transmission fluid to a sufficient level.

If the fluid is dirty, flush out the oil and use a new transmission fluid. It will cost you up to $150.

Worn-out Gears and Clutches

You should check out the gears and clutches often for any issues.

If any gear or clutch is worn out, you should change it. It will cost you around $200–$500.

Misaligned and Loose Components

If you experience shuddering noise and vibration, you should check the transmission for any loose or misaligned components.

You can take your vehicle to a mechanic to fix the issues. It will cost you up to $500 for basic component repairs.

Bad Transmission Solenoid

If you face delay shifting and transmission shifting on its own, you should check out the solenoid pack.

Transmission solenoid packs will cost you around $100–$200.

These costs exclude mechanical labor costs.

The labor cost will depend on your problems and location.

How to Prevent 2nd Gen Tacoma Transmission Issues

  1. You can easily prevent the 2nd gen Tacoma transmission problems by following these tips:
  2. Check the transmission fluids regularly.
  3. Use good transmission fluids and avoid cheap ones.
  4. You should flush out the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles.
  5. Tacoma does not have huge towing capability, so do not overload your truck.
  6. Look out for any unusual noises and the check engine light.
  7. If there is any problem, take your vehicle to an expert mechanic before the problem gets worse.


Transmission is a very important part of your vehicle.

A transmission lasts the whole lifetime of your truck if you properly take care of it.

There are not many transmission issues with the second-generation Tacoma.

Still, you should check out the history of a used Tacoma before purchasing it.

If you face any problems, take your truck to an expert mechanic.

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