295/70R18 Vs 35×12.5R18 Tires [7 Differences]

Tires are an important component of a vehicle. They affect the vehicle’s fuel economy, handling, and overall safety. Tires are also used to give a vehicle an aggressive look.

That’s why, when choosing a tire, some crucial factors such as tire size, fitment, and other measurements must be considered. Therefore, choosing the correct tire is challenging sometimes.

295/70R18 and 35×12.5R18 are two tire sizes that buyers often struggle to decide between. If you also want to know which tire between 295/70R18 and 35×12.5R18 is suitable for you, you are in the right place.

The main difference between 35×12.5R18 and 295/70R18 tires is in width. The 295/70R18 tire’s width is 11.6 inches. In contrast, the width of the 35×12.5R18 tire is 12.52 inches. There are 0.92 inches (7.8%) of differences.

However, they slightly differ in sidewall height, revolutions, and speedometer readings. To make it easier for you, I have discussed the meaning of the two tires and their overall differences in this post.

You can easily see how 295/70R18 and 35×12.5R18 tires differ from one another in the table below:

Tire Parameter

295/70R18 35×12.5R18



34.26 inches (870.2 mm) 35 inches (889 mm)



11.6 inches (295 mm) 12.52 inches (318 mm)



107.6 inches (2733.04 mm) 110.04 inches (2795 mm)


Sidewall Height

8.1 inches (207 mm) 8.5 inches (216 mm)


Speed Diff Ratio

1 1.02


Revolutions per mile

589 576.5



$260-$442 $265-$501


I have talked about 7 differences and similarities between 295/70R18 and 35×12.5R18 tires to help you select the right one for you.

1. Fitment

The diameter of the 295 70R18 tire is 34.26 inches, while the 35×12.5R18’s diameter is 35 inches.

There are only 2% differences in diameter.

The recommended diameter difference when replacing one tire with another is 3%.

Therefore, the 295/70R18 is replaceable with a 35×12.5R18 tire without any modifications.

2. Fuel Economy

Generally, wider tires increase fuel consumption compared to less-thick tires.

The tire width of the 295/70R18 tire is 11.6 inches.

On the other hand, the 35×12.5R18 tire width is 12.52 inches, 7.8% wider than 295 tires.

Therefore, a vehicle with 35 tires consumes slightly more fuel than a vehicle with 295 tires.

It is a cons side of a 35×12.5R18 tire.

If fuel economy is a concern, then the 295/70R18 is better because it provides approximately 1 mpg better fuel efficiency.

3. Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is an important factor for tires, especially for off-roading.

The 295/70R18 tire height is 34.26 inches, and the 35×12.5R18 tire height is 35 inches.

The 35 tire is 0.74 inches taller than the 295 tire.

This is not a significant difference, but it impacts off-road driving.

That’s why the 35×12.5R18 is known as an off-road tire, while the 295/70R18 is known as a light off-road tire.

4. Load Capacity

The maximum load capacity of a 295/70R18 tire is 4,080 pounds.

On the other hand, the 35×12.5R18 tire’s maximum load capacity is 3415 pounds.

The difference does not matter for SUVs, but for pickup trucks, this is a significant difference that matters a lot.

5. Comfort

Tire size or dimension also matters for a comfortable driving experience.

A thicker sidewall tire provides a more comfortable ride compared to a thinner sidewall tire.

The 35×12.5R18 tire’s sidewall height is 8.5 inches, and the 295/70R18 tire’s is 8.1 inches.

The 35×12.5R18 tire is around 4.9% thicker than the 295 70R18.

Therefore, driving a vehicle equipped with 35x 12.5R18 tires is slightly more comfortable than driving a vehicle with 295 70R18 tires.

6. Handling and Stability

Tires with stiffer sidewalls provide better responsiveness and handling capability.

As the 295/70R18 tires are slightly stiffer compared to 35×12.5R18 tires, drivers get slightly better response and stability with 295 tires.

However, the difference is very small and not noticeable in general.

7. Noise and Vibration

A tire’s sidewall height impacts the noise and vibration transmission into the vehicle cabin.

A taller sidewall can absorb more vibration and road-resistant noises.

The 35×12.5R18 tire’s sidewall height is 4.9% taller than the 295/70R18 tire.

The difference is low, so the noise and vibration between the two tires are negligible.


What is a 295 tire equivalent to?

If we want to replace a stock tire with a new one, the new tire’s diameter difference should be within 3% of the stock tire.

A tire below the recommended level is considered ideal for replacement.

So, the alternatives for 295/70R18 tires under the recommended size are:

Tire Size




33.6 inches (853 mm)



33.3 inches (847 mm)


285 70R18

33.7 inches (857 mm)


345 60R18

34.26 inches (870.2 mm)



34.6 inches (878.89 mm)



34.8 inches (885 mm)


305 70R18

34.8 inches (885 mm)



35 inches (889 mm)


What is a 35 tire equivalent to?

I have already mentioned that the recommended diameter size for converting two tires should be within 3%.

In this way, the equivalent tires for 35×12.5R18 are:

Tire Size




34 inches (863.6 mm)



34.26 inches (868.68 mm)


325 65R18

34.6 inches (878.84 mm)



34.8 inches (883.92 mm)



34.8 inches (883.92 mm)



35 inches (889 mm)



35.4 inches (899.16 mm)


What size is 35 12.50 r18?

The 35 12.50 r17 tire measurement is represented in the imperial system.

The measurements (35 12.50 r17) of each number contain a specific meaning.

The first number “35” indicates tire’s diameter in inches.

Second number “12.50” represents the tire’s width in inches.

The “r” represents redial construction, and the “18” means the tire fits on an 18-inch wheel.

The 35×12.50r18 tire is suitable for adverse conditions and light off-road driving.

What size is 295/70r18?

The 295/70r18 represents tire measurement in the metric system, which is equivalent to 34.29x11l6R18 in imperial.

The tire’s diameter is 34.29 inches (870 mm), its width is 11.6 inches (295 mm), “r” represents tire radial construction, and the tire’s wheel diameter should be 18 inches (457 mm).

However, the tire can be mounted on wheels that are 7–10 inches wide.

Are 295 tires the same as 35?

No, they are not the same tire. The 295 represents tire width in millimeters.

For example, “295/70R18 means the tire width is 295 mm.

On the other hand, 35 refers to a tire’s diameter in inches.

If a tire’s full series number is 35×12.5R18, then the “35” indicates the tire’s overall diameter in inches.

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