285 Vs 245 Tires [7 Differences and Similarities]

Tire configuration plays an important role in different vehicle factors.

The main difference between 285 and 245 tires is in tread width. 285 and 245 tires have a tread width difference of 40mm or 1.57 inches. It affects the appearance, performance, control and of a vehicle.

Users should know about the differences between 285 and 245 tires as they deliver different experiences.

Here is a basic comparison table for 285 and 245 tires.




Overall Diameter

32.83 inches

30.47 inches

Wheel size

16 inches

16 inches

Tread width

11.22 inches

9.65 inches


103.14 inches

95.72 inches

Revs per mile



Load capacity



Gas mileage






Let’s briefly discuss the different factors of 285 and 245 tires:

1. Noise and Vibration

245 tires have a lower tread width, which provides lower friction. It produces less noise for that reason. But the stability is also noticeable as it may give more vibrations on uneven terrain.

On the other hand, 285 tires come with a higher tread width. More frictional parts cause more noise. But, the vibration will be lower compared to 245 tires. It will also perform better on off-road terrain.

2. Looks and Comfort

Looks and comfort are also important factors in the driving experience. 245 tires have a lower width section; hence, it gives a minimal look. Riding comfort is also great for on-road and snowy paths.

On the contrary, 285 tires have a higher width, giving them an appealing look. It performs better in off-road situations and provides comfortable driving in most situations.

3. Stability and Control

245 tires have a lower width; hence, they get lower contact and friction with the path. As a result, 245 tires provide lower traction and control. But it also provides stable performance on snowy roads or pavements.

285 tires have a higher contact section with the terrain; hence, they get better traction. These tires perform better in most of the terrains. As a result, 285 tires provide more stability and control over the vehicle.

4. Gas Mileage

285 tires have a higher friction rate with the terrain and more weight. But it has a lower revolution per mile rate which is gas-friendly. But the gas mileage is lower compared to 245 tires.

245 tires have a higher revolution per mile rate which is not gas-friendly. But, lower friction with the path and lightweight give it a boost in gas mileage. So, 245 tires give more mileage than 285 tires.

5. Load Capacity

Wider and heavier tires are weight-friendly. 285 tires have more tread width than 245 tires. So, they can load more weight than 245 tires. On the other hand, 245 tires have a lower width and are lighter than 285 tires. So, 245 tires’ load capacity is lower than 285 tires.

6. Wear and Durability

Wider tires have higher contact and friction with the path. It causes more wear and makes the tire less durable. 245 tires tend to have even wear which makes them last longer. On the other hand, 285 tires get uneven wear and they last shorter than 245 tires. So, 245 tires are more durable than 285 tires.

7. Price

Pricing of tires depends on the types and quantities of the materials. 245 tires are lighter than 285 tires which makes them more affordable. 285 tires are heavy and they cost more than 245 tires.


Can a 285 replace a 245?

285 tires are 1.57 inches and 40 mm wider than 245 tires. It is the main difference between the tires. There is not much difference between a 245 and a 285 tire. 285/65r16 tires easily fit 245/75r16 tires and you can replace them without any issues.

What does a 285 tire equal to?

285 refers to the tread width of the tire in millimeters. 285 tires are 285 mm or 11.22 inches wide. It is identical to 33-inch tires as their width is also the same.

What is a 245 tire equivalent to?

245 denotes the section width of the tire. It represents that the tire width is 245 mm or 9.6 inches. 245 tires are eligible replaceable with 235, 255, or 265 tires as long as they have identical ratio and rim size compatibility.


245 and 285 tires only have the difference in width. So, they provide different driving experiences and services. A user should know about these facts before choosing a tire for his vehicle. I have discussed about 285 vs 245 tires in the above article. I hope it helps you to choose the compatible tire for your needs.

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