275 Vs 305 Tires [10 Differences]

Choosing the correct size of tire is crucial for a vehicle, which also affects its performance.

Main difference between 275 and 305 tires is the width. 275 tires have a width of 275 mm and 305 tires are 305 mm wide.

When users compare 275 and 305 tires, the width difference may seem minor.

But, this parameter of a tire greatly affects stability, control, performance, fuel economy, speed, etc.

305 tires have a larger width which gives a wider contact section with the path and reduces vibration compared to 275 tires. On the other hand, 275 tires provide lower width section and resistance with the path which gives users better fuel economy than 305 tires.

I have discussed the difference between 275 and 305 tires in this article.


275 Tires

305 Tires


275 mm

305 mm




Aspect ratio

commonly 55/60/65 %

commonly 25/30 %

Load capacity



Revs per mile



Gas mileage






Rim compatibility

commonly 18 and 20 inches

commonly 17 20 inches




Compatible vehicles

Large Trucks and SUVs (Ford F-150, Ram 1500 etc.)

Specific vehicles (BMW M6, Nissan 370Z etc.)

What Does 275 Mean on a Tire

What Does 275 Mean On A Tire

275 on a tire means the tire width is 275 mm or 10.82 inches. 275 tires generally fit 18 to 20-inch rims. The overall diameter for popular 275 tires is 31.91 inches. 275/55r20 is a popular choice of these tires which are suitable for trucks and large SUVs.

Pros and Cons

275 tires have some pros and cons. Some of them are:



Affordable for low price

Less durable and wears quickly

Lightweight and easy on the engine

Does not have terrain adaptability

Gas mileage is better than wider tires

Lower load capacity

Less stable on uneven terrains

What Does 305 Mean on a Tire

What Does 305 Mean On A Tire

305 means the tire width of the tire is 305 mm or 12 inches. These tires commonly fit 20-inch rims. 305/70r17 is a popular choice of 305 tires. These tires mainly fit modified vehicles.

Pros and Cons

305 tires also have a few pros and cons. I have listed them in this chart.



More durable and less wear

Heavy and puts stress on the engine

More stable on uneven terrains

Gas mileage is low

Can take more payloads

Costlier than thin tires

Specific vehicle compatibility

Difference Between 275 And 305 Tires

Difference Between 275 And 305 Tires

275 and 305 tires mainly differ in width. A few noticeable differences are also present between the tires. Let’s briefly discuss 10 differences between the tires:

1. 275 vs 305 Tire Width

305 tires are wider than 275 tires. 275 tires are 275 mm or 10.82 inches wide. On the other hand, 305 tires are 305 mm or 12 inches wide. The width difference between them is 30 mm or 1.18 inches.

2. Height Difference

275 tire’s height is less than 305 tires. These shorter profiles of 275 tires are ideal for conventional use. On the other hand, 305 tires have a taller profile, which gives the vehicle elevated clearance. It is good for aesthetic looks, off-roading, and other certain applications.

3. Weight

Weight is an important factor for tires, as heavy tires need more power from the engine. 275 tires have a less width, resulting in lower weight. On the other hand, 305 tires weigh more than 275 tires for higher width.

4. Load Capacity

Load capacity

Load capacity is a major factor for heavy-duty trucks. 275 tires have a lower width than 305 tires. So, the load capacity varies for the two tires. 305 tires can take more load and 275 tires are decent but not as much load resistant as 305 tires.

5. Gas Mileage

Gas mileage for a tire depends on the tire’s friction with the terrain. Wider and heavier tires have a higher friction rate. So, 275 tires have a lower friction rate compared to 275 tires. As a result, 305 tires provide lower gas mileage than 275 tires.

6. Stability and Control

Stability and control depend on the tire height, width, tread width, etc. 305 tires have a higher width, height, and sidewall height. So they produce fewer vibrations on uneven terrain. 275 tires are good for stable and even roads as they have lower width, height, and sidewall height than 305 tires.

7. Speed


The speed of a tire depends on the circumference and revolution per mile of the tire. 305 tires have a higher circumference length and lower revs per mile than 275 tires. Higher circumference length and a lower revs per mile rating mean lower speed. Also, the tire resistance to the terrain matters. So, 275 tires have a slightly better speed than 305 tires.

8. Terrain Adaptability

Tires with more height, width, and sidewall height are good for uneven terrain. They are often used for off-roading and countryside areas. 305 tires are better for terrain adaptability than 275 tires.

9. Noise and Vibration

Noise and vibration occur more for tires with smaller widths and tire frictions. As a result, 305 tires provide less noise and vibration compared to 275 tires.

10. Durability


305 tires are more durable due to their higher sidewall height and even wear. 275 tires wear off quickly and last less compared to 305 tires. 305 tires are costly, but they provide service for a long time.


Can I put 305 tires on 275 rims?

10.5” rims are better for 305 tires as they will have a full contact patch with the rim. 275 tires fit on 9.5” rims, and putting on a 305 tire will be a waste as it will have only 9.5” of the contact patch. People often put a 305 tire on 275 rims, but I will not recommend it. It reduces the traction of the tire, resulting in bad handling of the vehicle.

How much bigger is a 305 tire than 275?

305 tires are 1.18 inches wider than 275 tires. For a comparison between 275/55R20 and 305/50R20 tires, there are also a few other differences. 305 tires are 0.1 inches higher and 1.18 inches wider than 275 tires. Also, 305 tires have a 0.31-inch circumference and 0.05-inch sidewall height difference. So, 305 tires are slightly bigger than 275 tires.

Can I replace 275 tire with 305 tire?

275/55r20 and 305/50r20 tires have a 0.3% height, 10.9% width, 0.3% circumference, and 0.8% sidewall height difference. 3% of the difference between the two tires is negligible. Here, the tire width exceeds that limit, but other factors are good. So, it is not recommended to replace 275 tires with 305 tires.

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