275 vs 285 Tire Differences

Buying tires for cars is exciting all the time because tires have a great impact on vehicle performance, appearance, and many more.

New tires provide an opportunity to improve the vehicle’s performance. It also offers to change the vehicle’s exterior appearance and give it an aggressive look.

So, if you are looking for a new tire for your bigger vehicle, such as an SUV or pickup truck, the 275 or 285 tires are obviously good options. But which one is better, 285 or 275? The 275 and 285 are both good tires, and the 285 is slightly superior in general.

The 275 tires offer better highway performance, are less expensive, and are lighter. In contrast, the 285 tires are suitable for heavy-duty work, have deeper treads, and give the vehicle a killer look.

However, the accurate superiority between 275 and 285 tires depends on your preferences and demands. In this article, I’ve broken down the differences between 275 and 285 tires step-by-step for your convenience. As a result, you can easily find out which one is better suited to your demands.

To differentiate between 275 and 285 tires, I have made a chart for you.

275 Tires


285 Tires




Provides a more comfortable ride


Less comfortable compared to 275 tires

Provides usual traction on dry roads

Traction Control

Maximum traction on dry roads

General handling performance


Better handling performance

Give the vehicle a standard look


Give a more attractive look

8-10 inches

Recommended rim width range

8.5-10.5 inches

10 millimeters smaller than 285 tire

Size difference

10 millimeters larger than 275 tire

It is replaceable with 285 tires


It is replaceable with 275 tires

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5 Difference Between 275 and 285 Tires

Generally, 275 and 285 both tires are better based on their advantages and disadvantages. However, selecting one tire as superior to the other requires some necessary information, like the tire’s ride comfort, control, performance in different weather conditions, etc.

After all the information, you can easily decide which tire suits you and your vehicle better. The 275 and 285 only represent the width of the tires. But their height and rim compatibility are also important when choosing a vehicle.

The 275 tires typically come with 18, 19, and 20 inches rims, while the 285 tires come with 18, 19, and 22 inches rims.

Here is the list of both tires with different heights and rim sizes:

275 Tire

285 Tire






















1. 275 Vs 285 Tires Price

The 275 tires are cheaper than the 285 tires. So, if you are on a budget, 275 tires are a better choice for you. The 275 tires are more popular on the market than the 285 tires because of their wider availability.

The 275 is available in many heights and rim sizes, making it easy to be equipped in any vehicle. The 275 offers competitive marketing pricing because of its wide availability.

On the other hand, the 285 is a heavy-duty tire that comes with deeper treads. Therefore, the tire is perfect for off-road driving. 285 tires’ off-roading capabilities slightly increase their price range. The 285 tires have thicker sidewalls than the 275 tires.

2. Controlling and Handling

Regarding handling and control, the 285 tires are better than the 275 tires. The 285 tires have thicker sidewalls that provide a deeper tread and get a supreme grip on the roads.

Because of this, you can always drive your truck easily, no matter the road conditions. However, there is little difference between 285 and 275 tires regarding control and handling.

The 275 is popular because it is perfect for daily use. Additionally, it also offers on-road and slightly off-road driving capabilities. 275 is specially designed to reduce friction and improve handling.

3. Fuel Efficiency

For any truck driver, fuel economy is a major concern. As tire size and height impact vehicle fuel efficiency, it is necessary to mention. The 275 tires are slightly ahead of the 285 in fuel efficiency.

This is because the 275 tire has a shallower tread depth and a perfect size, which improves fuel economy. Therefore, the 275 tires are better for regular use. But 285 tires are better for heavy-duty tasks.

4. Ride Comfort

Riding comfort and noise level are very important for truck drivers. Because they always spend a lot of time on the highway.

So, their major requirements are a comfortable ride and a quieter interior. The 275 tires are less noisy and more comfortable than the 285 tires.

However, their difference is not very high, and the 285 tires are also a good option.

5. Acceleration

A vehicle can achieve maximum acceleration only with capable tires. In terms of acceleration, the 275 is slightly better than the 285 tires.

On the other hand, the 285 provides the fastest speed with superior handling and control when off-roading.

What are the Advantages of the 275 Tires?

Pros of 275 tires:

  • Provides better performance on the highway.
  • Better for everyday use.
  • It is cheaper than the 285 tires.
  • Provides a better towing capacity.
  • Improves the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

In contrast, the 275 tires have a few cons, including:

  • Less visual appeal
  • Less road grip

What are the Advantages of the 285 Tires?

  • Thicker sidewall.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Give a killer look to the vehicle.
  • Suitable for off-roading.

A few disadvantages of 285 tires are:

  • The towing capacity is slightly lower than the 275 tires.
  • More expensive.


How much wider is a 285 tire than a 275?

A 285 is 10 millimeters wider than a 275 tire. 285 means the tire width is 285 mm. Similarly, 275 indicates that the tire width is 275 millimeters. The tire width can also be written in inches.

That means the 285 tire is 0.39 inches wider (10 millimeters = 0.39 inches) than the 275 tire.

What is 275 Tire Size in Inches?

275 is the tire width in millimeters. A tire’s width can be represented in millimeters or inches. So, 275 means the tire width is 275 mm, or 10.83 inches (1 inch = 25.4 millimeters).

But a tire’s appropriate size cannot be measured by 275 only. The ideal way to represent tire size is 275/xxRyy.

275 means tire width, xx (random numbers) represents its aspect ratio, and yy is the wheel diameter in inches. For example, 275/60R18.

How much taller is a 285 tire than a 275?

We also need to mention the tire aspect ratio to calculate how much a 285 is taller than a 275. Suppose 285 and 275 tires have the same aspect ratio of 70. So, the height of 285 tires will be 285 x 0.70 = 199.5 mm (aspect ratio 70).

In contrast, with 70 aspect ratios, a 275 tire’s height is 275 x 0.70 = 192.5 mm. There are 7 millimeters of difference on each sidewall. Because there are two sidewalls, a 285 tire is 14 millimeters taller than a 275 tire.

Final Thoughts

Overall, 285 tires are better for heavy-duty work, and 275 tires are good for regular use. 275 tire is better for you if you live in a city area, have a low budget, and want a comfortable riding experience.

On the other hand, the 285 tire is better if you live in a hilly area, do a lot of off-roading, and want the best appearance. Now, based on your preferences, you can choose any of them.

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