275/55r20 Vs 275/60r20 [6 Differences]

Tire is an important part of the vehicle and the performance depends on it too. Manufacturers design the tires as per the distinctive needs of a vehicle.

275/55r20 and 275/60r20 are both designed for pickups and large SUVs. With many similarities, 275/55r20 and 275/60r20 tires have many differences.

You should know about the tires in detail before purchasing or upgrading your vehicle’s tires.

275/55r20 and 275/60r20 have similarities in tire type, rim size, tread width, load capacity and differences in diameter, sidewall, revolution per mile, load index rating, price etc.

At first, you should know what “275/55r20” or “275/60r20” refers to. 275 refers to the tire width in millimeters. It means the tire is 275 mm or 10.82 inches wide.

55 or 60 refers to the height/width aspect ratio. R means the tire is radially constructed. Lastly, 20 means the suitable rim diameter in inches.

Basic differences between 275/55r20 and 275/60r20 are:

Tire 275/55R20 275/60R20
Tire Type Radial Radial
Rim size 20 inches 20 inches
Overall diameter 31.65 inches 33 inches
Radius 15.32 inches 15.82 inches
Tread width 10.8 inches 10.8 inches
Sidewall 5.9 inches 6.5 inches
Circumference 100.2 inches 103.6 inches
Revolution per mile 632 612
Load index rating 111 114
Load capacity 2601 pounds 2601 pounds
Price $120-$230 $150-$250

1. 275/55r20 vs 275/60r20 Diameter

275/55r20 vs 275/60r20 Diameter

Distance from one side of an object to the other side through the center is its diameter. The overall diameter of 275/55r20 is 31.65 inches.

On the other hand, the overall diameter of 275/60r20 is 33 inches. So they have 1.35 inches of difference in diameter.

That means 275/60r20 has 3.4% more diameter than 275/55r20.

2. 275/55r20 vs 275/60r20 Aspect Ratio

The ratio of height and weight of a tire is called its aspect ratio. 275/55r20 has an aspect ratio of 55 while 275/60r20 has a ratio of 60.

So, they have an aspect ratio difference of 5. That means 275/60r20 has a 3.5% more aspect ratio than 275/55r20.

3. 275/55r20 vs 275/60r20 Load Index

Load index indicates the maximum weight limit of a tire at maximum air pressure.

275/55r20 has a load index rating of 111 whereas 275/60r20 has a load index rating of 114.

So they have a difference of 3 in load index. That means 275/55r20 has a 2.7% lower load index rating than 275/60r20.

4. 275/55r20 vs 275/60r20 Revolution Per Mile

Revolution made by a tire for each mile is called revolution per mile.

275/55r20 revolves around 632 times per mile and 275/60r20 revolves around 612 times per mile.

Less revolution per mile means a bigger tire with lower corrosion. That means, 275/60r20 will last longer than 275/55r20.

Generally, 275/55r20 needs a replacement every 5 years. 275/60r20 can exceed the limit by a few days.

5. 275/55r20 vs 275/60r20 Vehicles

List of vehicles using 275/55r20 tires is as follows:

  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Chevy Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe
  • Dodge Ram SRT
  • Ford Expedition, F-150, Lobo
  • GMC Canyon, Sierra, Yukon
  • Jeep Gladiator, Wagoneer
  • Toyota Tundra, Sequoia

List of vehicles using 275/60r20 tires is as follows:

  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Chevy Colorado, Silverado, Suburban
  • Dodge Ram 1500
  • Ford F-150, Lobo
  • GMC Sierra, Canyon, Yukon
  • Nissan Armada, Patrol, Titan
  • Toyota Tacoma, Tundra

6. 275/55r20 vs 275/60r20 Price

Pricing varies for both of the tire sizes. 275/55r20 pricing ranges from $150 to $250. And the pricing of 275/60r20 varies from $120 to $230.

So they have a 20 to 30-dollar difference. That means 275/55r20 tires are cheaper than 275/60r20 tires.


Will 275/55r20 fit 275/60r20?

Yes, a 275/55r20 will easily fit a 275/60r20 if your vehicle supports it. 275/60r20 is the upgraded aggressive version of the 275/55r20 tire. You will have better control and driving experience with a 275/60r20.

Can I replace 275/60r20 with 275/55r20 tires?

No, you can’t replace your 275/60r20 tires with 275/55r20 tires. If your vehicle doesn’t support it, it will be a smaller tire. It will be unfit and unsafe for usage. You shouldn’t use a 275/55r20 tire as a replacement for a 275/60r20 tire.

275/60r20 vs 275/55r20 Which is Better?

what does 27555r20 mean

Both of the tires are quite similar. They have the same diameter, width, rim size, load capacity etc. But 275/60r20 is bigger and better for off-roading. So, you should choose between the tires as your necessities.

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